The Blizzard Blues

I remember when I first started playing Warcraft. I looked at the subscription options and I wanted to take the 6 months one, or whatever the longest option was, as it was the best deal. My friend told me not to, he said that there may come a day when I want to unsubscribe for a while. If you’ve just paid for the next six months, then you can’t do that. I told my friend that I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to quit, but I took his advice anyway as the difference wasn’t huge.

Well now I can’t just imagine wanting to quit, I’m actively considering it. I won’t because I’m not ready to say goodbye. I like my guild, I like the in game friends I’ve made, I even like raiding just not as often as I currently have to. I’m not ready to quit the game but I’m really wishing that I could vote with my wallet. Complaining about blizz’s decisions and continuing to pay them money, after all gives them no incentive to change.

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Insert standard opening title

First post of the blog, the one where you go “hello this is my blog”. How boring is that? Instead lets skip straight to the good stuff.

Last night my faithful iPhone 3GS stopped working. I updated the software and it stopped recognising my sim card, wouldn’t restore and was basically broken. I took it to the store and they managed to get it working again but warned me that there was an underlying hardware fault. With it being two and a half years old and the hard use it’s had I wasn’t surprised. What did surprise me was being told that I could get a free upgrade. Fast forward and I’m now the owner of a new shiny iPhone 4S which is where the game stuff comes in.

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