This morning I looked on wowhead to see when the Legion invasion was (I’m still levelling an alt at a time up to 110) and I saw this post about the Zandalari racials. The poster was complaining and demanding that Blizz nerf them.

Now I don’t know anything about the combat racial (blessing of the loa I think it is?) and to be honest don’t care. The targeted racial that got my attention was Regeneratin because it made me even more excited to roll a Zandalari.

Years and years ago, way back when Swtor was first released which was … oh crumbs, 2011, anyway pretty soon after that I wrote a post on my blog called “Why my Paladin is jealous of my Bounty Hunter” and one of the reasons I gave was the out of combat regen that all Swtor classes have. They are themed, so Bounty Hunters are ‘lock and load’ I think? with an animation of reloading the gun. The sith have seethe so they turn red and look menacing. Anyway the point is they can regen out of combat.

Yesterday quite by chance I was doing the ‘Zandalar Forever’ scenario on my Demon Hunter and I accidentally went through the blue flames and my health dropped to 5%. Demon Hunters don’t have any heals except in combat when they can kill a mob and pick up a soul shard. I never ever remember to have any food in my bags, so I just had to stand chilling on the top of the pyramid for a few minutes while my health passively regenerated – that was boring!

I mean my pally can boost health with Flash of Light. I suspect other classes with healing specs have similar boons, and mages can of course conjure food on demand, but other classes don’t have that.

With the Zandalari blizz were implementing something I’ve wanted for years – a great quality of life improvement! Rather than nerfing it, I think they should expand it to all races! It doesn’t provide buffs so people will still have to craft food if they want any ‘well fed’ boosts. Just for questing or non-competitive combat, why can’t people just have a Regeneratin ability? It makes for less annoying pauses in gameplay.

So anyway that’s my thought of the day.

#in which I reckon there’s still stuff warcraft can learn from swtor

Shit I need another max level Horde as there’s two exclusive questchains to do with Saurfang. I like to see everything! /headdesk

Honestly I’m torn because part of me super loves this kind of choice and compelling gameplay. Nobody was more excited than me I swear on learning about Class Halls. I’d wanted class specific quests for forever. On the other hand not being able to do everything on one character is a little annoying.

*snorts* and it might be a while. My closest is a Level 90 Tauren Pally and with the announcement of Zandalari Pallys I’ve lost interest in leveling it. My next closest is a Level 30 Goblin Rogue (I talk a lot about levelling but I’m very slow at actually doing it).

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I have the same problem. Most of my alts are in guilds, but I’m still pretty low-level, and are *any* of the dungeons playable as a solo? I like questing and gathering (waiting for the expansion which makes it so you can have unlimited professions!) and I’d love to explore the dungeons. But people run through them at top speed, so I never really learn them. =(

Ugh I know!

I make it a point to read the dungeon journal beforehand but the mentality is always “go! go! go! Pull more!” and so I’m mostly just aoe-ing and trying to keep up as the tank races on ahead. This is another reason why I’m reluctant to queue as tank because I remember from Legion that if I didn’t pull as fast as they wanted, then they’d pull for me and I loathe people pulling for me.

None of the dungeons from the latest expansion are soloable (for me anyway). I did try Shrine of the Storms the other day and found the third trash pack was just too much. Previous expansions though should be ok. I have only done Legion Normals (doing class hall quests) so I’ll have to try the higher difficulties but I don’t see why they would be a problem. Warlords raids are super easy to solo even on mythic, my health barely dipped below 100% at any point. Except for Hellfire Citadel as the mechanics mean I can’t get past the first boss *grumps* (this is all obviously at 120). Soloing at lower levels I could do Warlords dungeons and the raids on normal at 110. Erm at 100 I could do some Mists raids but I think I struggled on the 4th boss in Siege of Orgrimmar. Man I’m trying to remember further back, sorry it’s too many years ago :/

I’m a completionist. I like to do all the quests (Alliance and Horde), get all the achievements, level all the classes, level some classes more than once for the races, level all the professions, go after all the mounts and pets and toys etc. Hehe obviously this isn’t doable. I’d need to play 24/7 for years but hey it provides endless content as I do what I feel like of these things 🙂

So I got Battle of Azeroth on release, 14th August google tells me. I played for like three weeks and then unsubbed as I had life stuff.

I resubbed last weekend because of life stuff and (this is the funny bit) *sniggers* ready for this?

I just hit 120 – twice.

You see my main, my beloved human paladin, had to hit 120 first but this expansion is all about the WAR, so I wanted to see both sides, so I was running my Horde Demon Hunter at the same time.

So yeah finally hit max level whoo hehe except! See there is an except 🙂 I’m only two zones into Kul Tiras, I literally haven’t touched the third zone, I hadn’t actually finished the second one when I dinged. I’m maybe halfway through the third zone in Zuldazar. Dungeons? Two on each side as when I finished the zones I did the dungeon that they led to – that’s it!

Doing loremaster, or whatever they call it these days, seems to max you out way before you are done.

Anyway this is amusing me because I hit max level and it’s a big so what? Because it makes zero difference. I still have the quests to do, the zones to complete. I’m running the storyline. I’ve had the quest in my log to choose my foothold since whenever it popped up and I’ve not touched it because one thing at a time. I’ve not done anything but quest. I have zero clue about islands, invasions, warfronts – any of that.

Basically how anything works is just a complete mystery to me. I’m currently pondering how I can get my hands on a shield so I can swap to prot spec if necessary, Legion totally spoiled me in that regard and I miss it #wantmylegendaryback (I’m still permanently transmogged into Ashbringer because Tirion Fordring entrusted me to be the light dammit, I’m not swapping that for a random fishers pike thank you)

I saw Method won world first by beating Jaina and I’m sitting here going ??? Jaina’s a raid boss? Do we kill Jaina!?!

Oh and my poor pally is feeling the strain because Demon Hunters movement abilities are ++ for quality of life. I love jumping off that big temple in Zuldazar and then just gliding really super far. It’s like having flight when we don’t have flight yet. I don’t even have the flight whistle yet.

Anyway the big thing I care about now I have hit 120 is how much more old content can I now comfortably solo? My mount collection has a mighty need.

I LOVE the Tortollan guys

The voice acting is amazing. I love their whole ethos of looking for stories (and not wanting to miss out on good stories!) it’s the latter which makes them adventurer material maybe?

Now I have no idea how far into Nazmir I am, and that is the only Horde zone I’ve touched (ditto with my main on Alliance side but with Drustvar) so I don’t know if the Tortollans show up elsewhere but I hope they do! I really want them to meet the pandaren, it seems like they’d have a lot in common.

Can we say playable race? Idk what classes they qualify for as they seem dependent on scrolls. Still anyway they are cool. I like them 🙂

We have a lot in common. I’m questing for the story, hanging out to listen to all the dialogue, going after every chest and rare mob that pops up on the map. I’m taking my time, only playing when I have rested XP, bouncing back and forth between Alliance and Horde, I’m only level 112. There’s no rush. I’ll be 120 for a couple of years after all.

It’s amazing how new shiny ignites the desire to play – even the not new and shiny parts.

I have probably played too much today *cough* ok no probably about it, but I don’t do that kind of thing much anymore. I can go weeks with barely logging in, so one day every now and then is no bad thing.

Anyway, Battle for Azeroth is out and thus far I have stuck to … all of my resolutions *falls over* I know right? Basically I resolved to only play with rested XP and to go back and do some old world-based stuff because I figured in the heydey of the new expansion there would be less competition.

So before I even did anything on launch I went to the Isle of Giants to farm some bones. Surprisingly there were a few other people there but I think that was for the world boss (probably because it is reset day). I did a couple of laps of the island and netted 2k bones. The packs were only half-respawned on the second lap so I decided to call it a day. Plus I might as well see whether the Primal Egg gives me the last mount I need, or if I have to farm up another one later.

I then took my main, my Alliance Paladin to Kul Tiras and did a few quests in Drustvar before running out of rested. I then took my Horde Demon Hunter to Zandalar, did a few quests in Nazmir before again running out of rested.

It’s my habit to relate new things to things I already know. I got a few Wakanda vibes from the Zandalari Princess. I smiled at “Zandalar Forever” 🙂 though I was also reminded of Swtor. Nazmir felt a bit reminiscent of the Hutta swamps or the Drummond Kaas temples in the dark forests. On the Alliance side Drustvar is about getting House Waycrest back which brought to mind all the house politics of Alderaan.

You know one day I really should finish playing through all of Swtor’s class storylines. I have a little bit of Sith Inquisitor left and then Smuggler. Then of course there’s the expansion stories plus it was 2011 when I started with the Bounty Hunter and I’ve forgotten it /facepalm.

Verdict on BfA so far? Well I’ve barely scratched the surface. I’m still 110. However I would say the zones feel vast and the story is compelling. I like the “choose your own zone” thing which was carried over from Legion. I like the rares and treasure boxes which have become standard. I get sidetracked on quests sometimes as they pop up on the map heh.

They have currently disabled Legion Assaults, otherwise I confess I might have taken my Death Knight for a spin. She’s currently 100 and the last of my profession alts that needs to get to 110. I hope they come back soon.

Speaking of Legion Assaults, I think that’s my only reservation about BfA at the moment – alts. The Legion Assaults are super handy for levelling. I was getting about a level a time and they take half an hour. It’s a nice way to level alts, minimal time investment but still fun. I don’t know whether BfA has anything similar. Obviously I levelled all the alts through zone questing + dungeons to get to level 100, so it doesn’t matter I guess, it just would be nice.

Oh sweet merlin

I just did the Battle for Lordaeron scenarios Alliance and Horde side and


I seriously can NOT believe they made something that epic and it’s only going to be available for a week *flails*

Maybe because I main Alliance I thought that the Alliance scenario was better, I felt like a proper hero/champion, jumping down into the fray, swinging my sword of holy light etc. The Horde side felt more like it was done as a reverse of the Alliance and wasn’t quite as good EXCEPT when it came to the cinematics.

Oh wow the cinematics.


Also how freaking powerful is Jaina? That was some impressive stuff. She had a big damn hero moment with that entrance that’s for sure.

I feel sorry for Baine and Lorethmar. They were going along with it but I got the feeling it’s a bit like people who agree with bullies so they don’t become the next victim. They are kinda stuck. Also, I have no clue who is heading up the Darkspear these days. I miss Vol’jin.

BfA next week whoo! 🙂