Happy Patch Day

This post could just as easily have been entitled “Surviving the┬ápandamonium” or “A taste of things to come”. The first referencing surviving the patch to start Mists of PANDAria (see it was a deliberate spelling mistake), the second because of all the blog topics I now have in mind.

I remember when the world changed for Cata. I was excited to see the changes and annoyed at the bugged exploring achievements (which were never fixed). However, the patch was just an exciting event and I wasn’t really affected by it. I just logged on and played like I always did. This time it was very different, and several hours later I’m still not at the stage I was when I logged off Tuesday night.

The talent system has changed, abilities have been changed/removed/added, glyphs are all different, rotations are different. I’ve not even got this set up right yet on my protection paladin, I haven’t even done my ret offspec yet. I have an alt of every class so some might not get set up until Mists at this rate.

I also run a fair few addons now. I decided to wipe the slate clean with Mists and deleted all the addons, and the wtf folder (after backing it up of course), to clean it up. I’d had a custom ui on my paladin and so I decided to rebuild that and then roll it out to all my characters. Addons, even updated ones, and patches don’t tend to mix so I’ve still not got this properly sorted on one character, let alone all of them.

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Addon Reliance

Been a bit lazy lately with blogging. I ran out of steam and saved up articles and then let it slide. I don’t want to do that and so I’m going to try my best to blog regularly.

I challenge to you name one warcraft player who doesn’t have at least one addon. If you can name one I’ll be surprised, and I’ll also call whoever you named an idiot. A lot of addons are quality of life improvements, some are essential and it’s surprising how quickly you integrate the use of them, and how much you miss them when suddenly they aren’t there.

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