Mixed Bag of Everything

I know I haven’t blogged in ages but I was driven recently to open up my blog because I wanted to gush somewhere about how amazing Rogues in Warcraft are right now. BUT I then thought about all the other things that I haven’t blogged about and realised I was due a bit of an overall update.

This is #1 priority always, well writing is at least, and what can I say? It did not go well. I wrote about 11k in November, which is the least amount I think I’ve ever written. Alas Book Three of my series is still not complete. I’m chipping away at it, writing a few hundred words here and there but it’s not enough. I need to write more!

I’m ‘contracted’ so to speak to draw a 12 panel comic for the universities comic book. I’m not sure what the deadline is, I should check on that actually, but either way I’ve not started yet. I haven’t been practicing my drawing like I wanted either. I’d timetabled writing and drawing time (it’s actually on the calendar) but I haven’t done any of it.

Marvel Heroes
This is closing down! I think that’s about all I can say. It was a sudden and unexpected announcement. I’m sure there must be a reason for it, perhaps there weren’t enough players, or it wasn’t making enough money. I know Disney pulled the plug so perhaps they want to give the licence to another company. I’m more annoyed than sad to be honest. I haven’t played it in ages but I’d spent a fair bit of money, and it was always at the back of my mind to “play one day” and now I can’t. It’s gone forever.

Once Upon a Time
I’m 6 episodes behind now? I’ve lost track to be honest. I’ve watched the first four episodes of season 7 and I just stopped. I don’t feel like watching it. I want to for Roni/Regina (Lana Parrilla) but Weaver’s cockney accent annoys me, they killed off Belle (spoiler alert) and I’m just a bit fed up. I’m sure I’ll watch them at some point but I miss the days when I couldn’t wait to watch, and I couldn’t eat while watching as I would be so spellbound that my dinner would go cold.

My subscription ran out end of October though truthfully I hadn’t planned much since the summer. My goal on this 6 month session had been to finally complete all the class storylines – I’ve been at this on and off since launch December 2011 – but alas no I still haven’t got it done. I have half of the Sith Inquister storyline left and the Smuggler one. Then maybe finally I’ll be able to continue and try the new expansions! Wonders might never cease. No clue when I’ll play again as I’m playing Warcraft again, maybe next summer we’ll see.

Finally we get to the point that made me open this blog again! I’ve played a paladin as a main since early-ish days of Cata. I levelled my mage first but I didn’t enjoy it and I just swapped over and never looked back. I’ve always felt that paladins have this incredible lore to them, in that they really fit in the world and play a major part in history and current events. Wrath of the Lich – fighting the scourge – that was tailor made for paladins. I really feel like Legion, with fighting the demons, is always perfect for wielding the light.

I’m playing retribution these days so I’m equipped with Ashbringer and it’s such a huge lore weapon. This brings me to the rogue and a bit of a revelation. I have these ‘revelations’ and sometimes they aren’t huge, and sometimes I’ve had them before, but you know it takes a while to sink in with me.

I googled “rogue is the best class” and found complaints that blizzard hated the rogue class more than any other, that they’d made their class hall in the sewers etc. I was gobsmacked because I’d just done the opening quests and I was smiling and bouncing in my seat at how awesome I thought it was. That’s sort of a mentality thing I guess, other people saw sewer=bad and I was just blown away by how cool everything looked. There was the vault of treasures and the secret doorways and the shadow council. So my revelation is about what people think is fun and now I’m a “casual” I have a more relaxed view about these sorts of things.

Before now I’d never really played my rogue. I’d levelled it to 80 I think because I’d wanted an alt of every class but it had been a slog. I’d not enjoyed it but wowzer now it’s a completely different story! I’m loving playing the rogue, it’s hard to make myself stop actually, and I’m just blown away by how unique the gameplay is. The whole “pickpocket” aspect adds another dimension of gameplay, ghosting around in stealth is super fun. I just really love it.

I’m playing Outlaw because it’s so much fun. I should probably try the other two specs at some point because who knows they might be awesome too? But I know Outlaw is supposedly the worst dps in the game, to be honest so long as I kill whatever I need to die before I die then I don’t care. I’m not worried about numbers on a meter (because I don’t play in a group) I’m just worried about how it feels and the gameplay feels fun!

Honestly the whole class halls, class quest, class campaign thing is the best thing blizz has ever done. I’m super sad they don’t appear to be continuing with it in the next expansion (Battle for Azeroth) and I hope it’ll make a return one day.

Agents of Shield
I LOVE this show. Seriously! I saw the season five trailer and I am stoked, it looks so amazing and I love how genre savvy Mack is and it’s just great. Unfortunately I have no idea when I’m going to be able to watch it and I can’t even console myself with rewatching season four as that isn’t out on DVD yet. I guess I could do another rewatch of season 1-3 *looks at the camera like I’m on The Office* you know that isn’t beyond me. I only did one over the summer but seriously I love this show!

Killjoys, Dark Matter etc.
Did I post here when Dark Matter was cancelled? I don’t think I did so here is the official post – waaaaaah *cries forever* it’s been cancelled!! Plus, plus, plus!!! Even worse they ended season three on a cliffhanger and so now I’ll have no idea how it ends.

In better news I’m utterly in love with Killjoys. I don’t love it quite as much as Agents of Shield but I’m still considering a rewatch just a couple of weeks after finishing season 2. It’ll probably be a year before I can watch season 3 and I need more Killjoys in my life. I love this one more than Dark Matter and apparently as the network had to choose between them, they chose right. Killjoys gets two more seasons to wrap everything up and then it’s curtains but with that knowledge they can do it right. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all goes!