Between Two Fires





Synopsis: Captain Julian Gold, a decorated hero of the Frontlands Defense Force was once married to Lacey Beaumont. They had been happy but then she had died. Shortly after her death Gold discovered the truth. She wasn’t really Lacey Beaumont, she was Belle French and she was from Avonlea. Five years later there is a twitch on the border line. Gold follows the trail, stunned to find himself face to face with his supposedly dead wife – Belle.

Note: Written for @a-monthly-rumbelling in August. The prompt was Dark!Belle and Light!Rumple. If anyone has ever seen Alias, then you’ll know where I got my inspiration from – Jack and Irina. They were the best part of that show. There’s also shades of Marvel, Black Widow especially, which was fun to include.

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supposed to be dead.”

“I’m supposed
to be a lot of things.”

Captain Julian
Gold stared at the woman in front of him, illuminated by the flashlight he held
in his left hand. It had been five years since he had last laid eyes on her and
she didn’t look as if she had aged a day. Her chestnut hair was scraped back in
a practical ponytail, and she was wearing an outfit similar to his own, dark
combat trousers and jacket.

It was very
different from the outfits she had favored as his wife, but then so was the gun
she was currently pointing at his head.

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Thanks! I’m glad you liked it 🙂 You said you needed more. I do like this verse and I would be happy to write more of it in the future. Did you have anything particular in mind?

Oh, oh oh!!
Well, I’ve never seen Alias, so I don’t really know the base of the story, but I’ll look into it now!!

You really don’t need to have seen Alias. I mean for one thing the Jack/Irina angle was only a minor part of the show unfortunately 🙁 I took inspiration for the basis of Gold and Belle’s relationship but that’s it. Everything pertinent is already included in the fic.

All the sci-fi stuff in this fic is mine. Plus, Alias was only KGB vs CIA when Jack and Irina were married. However, on Alias what we actually saw of their relationship was twenty years later when Irina was working for herself, for her own interests. Alias went in a completely different direction than this fic did so Jack and Irina provided inspiration only.

Yeah TLDR: Knowledge of Alias, totally not necessary 🙂

Anyway in regards to writing more, it might be nice to explore more of Belle and Gold’s relationship when they were married. I did one flashback of the night they met and then I summarized the important points. However, show is always better than tell.


I left a review on a03 because tumblr kept shutting down on me! I really enjoyed this and I hope there is more. I want to see more of their past and hear why Belle did what she did! Between this and War within, you are fast becoming a favorite writer of mine!

Oh wow, that is some compliment, thank you 🙂 I sort of touched on why Belle made the choices she made in the last scene. However, yes showing more of their past would be an interesting thing to explore! I’m definitely going to add to this verse in the future 🙂