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That would be telling wouldn’t it 🙂 … bit of a spoiler should I write another installment. I think I probably will actually. This was a good cut-off point, which was why I ended it there. Plus I knew I was racing the deadline for the month anyway. However, I would like to continue and expand this verse.

So … wait and see! I know, I know, that’s a horrible answer 🙂

However, in all fairness, I haven’t actually decided yet. I could take it in either direction and I’m not sure which option I like best.

Option A: He doesn’t turn her in and then is forced to hide her/go on the run/mixture of both. Gold is a good guy in this verse and he would feel guilty for not doing the right thing. No matter how much he loves Belle, she still killed good people, caused a lot of death and destruction. Her victims deserve justice, even if he has lost his zeal in fighting the war between Avonlea and the Frontlands.

Option B: He does turn her in and then there’s angsty prison visits and guilt because he still loves her. Every move they made would be monitored. Gold would still be under a microscope in regards to his career. Plus then there would be the mystery of how do they eventually reconcile because Belle would be in prison, potentially death row. Maybe she would breakout, maybe there would be a prisoner exchange, maybe she cuts a deal. Lots of possibilities.

Basically either way there’s a metric ton of angst. After all that has happened, is there any possibility they could be happy again? Sometimes love isn’t enough, which is actually also why I liked ending it where I did. It left the ending up to imagination. As a reader I loathe open endings like that, as a writer they are kinda useful sometimes 🙂

This was a really good ask. Thank you very much!