So I spoke to a graduate from my uni course today. They told me one of the classes I was planning on taking next year is awful and now I don’t know what to do :/

On one hand we are different people. They hated it, I might love it. On the other hand some of their claims were a little unnerving.

On the third hand that class is in “Option group C” and there are only two other choices and I had thought this one the best of the lot. So do I take a class I’ve been advised against because I dislike the sound of the other options or…

I feel like there is no right choice to this dilemma. If this class sucks then I’m screwed, if I take an alternative which I don’t want then I’m screwed. The only “good” answer is if it doesn’t suck but I have no way to know that.

Honestly this is why I hate picking things because you always wonder. This is very much going to wind up being “the road not travelled” and that unsettles me. I would much rather just be told what to do so I can abdicate responsibility and therefore if it all goes horribly wrong it won’t be my fault.

But sadly somebody decided that I’m an adult so yeah… /headdesk