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If it sucks can you just withdraw and then take something else next semester? Is it the teacher that sucks or the entire topic?

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Can you talk to the person again to find out specifically why they hated it? Was it all group work, and they’re a loner? Was it continuous assessment, and they prefer a single, cramming exam? Can you speak to other people who’ve taken the course? I once got hired for a job to replace a friend who resigned cus she hated the place, and I loved it. So, you’re right to question if you’ll have the same experience.

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Did this person say WHY the class is bad? Is it the teacher? Is the material too difficult? Is it irrelevant to your goals? Thinking about those issues might focus your decision.

Thanks you guys! Sorry I wasn’t ignoring you, I made the post right before I went to bed to try and get it out of my mind so I could sleep (yeeeah not successful).

I don’t really know people so there isn’t anyone else I can talk with. It’s a scriptwriting class and they said that they signed up to do it because they wanted to learn how to craft dialogue, but then they were actually told not to include much dialogue … that’s the unnerving part because I’m not sure how you can write a script without dialogue as I thought (aside from the camera stuff/stage directions) that the dialogue was the main thing?

Basically I can choose between Creative Writing: Scriptwriting OR Prose OR Poetry. I would never do poetry and prose is basically what I did this year on the introduction course and I didn’t get on with it that well. I don’t like, nor do I write, literary fiction and that is what my uni wants. They want the flowery literary turn of phrase and that’s just not me. I thought I’d get on better with scriptwriting because it’s more plot-centric.

I’m agonising because uni in the UK works very differently from the US. There is no option to drop a class and take something else next semester. It’s very regimented. I need to take 6 classes next year, 3 per semester (you aren’t allowed to load on one and take it easy on another). Most of the classes only run for a single semester so either semester 1 or 2. Also 40% of my degree comes from my marks next year. Obviously 16.6% of 40% isn’t very much so if just one class goes badly, so long as I pass, then overall I’m not screwed. I will be a much bigger mess when I’m picking classes for my final year as that’s worth 60% and we only take 4 classes.

The main problem is I have really disliked this year and so what I want is now I have some measure of choice (restricted but still options), is that I hope I can pick classes that I won’t dislike quite so much. It would be lovely to actually enjoy class for a change.

So TLDR: I’m just scared of getting it wrong as there is no undo button. There is no way to change it once the choice has been made. I will have to live with it.