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Hi! Thank you for being brave and making a post about fic art again! You’re kind 🙂 How about you? Do you prefer a surprise gift if someone make a fanart for your fic? Is there any of your fic that you want someone to make an art for? 😉

Hey anon!

Always happy to help if I can, so no worries 🙂 I’m sorry that more people haven’t responded for you :/

Wow erm honestly I think I’d be moved to tears if anybody made me anything. It wouldn’t matter what it was, the fact that they thought to do it at all would just be incredibly touching. So I wouldn’t say that I prefer a surprise gift, what I would prefer is for the person to do whatever they were comfortable with. Honestly just the knowledge that somebody was inspired and cared enough. I would be very touched and honoured.

As for a specific fic? Obviously I have some fics that are closer to my heart than others but … actually you know what I will name something. I was just going to say “should anybody wish to make something, to do what it is in their heart to do” however I have scoured people’s blogs for their answers to this question before. I’ve wanted to make them something that they really wanted and so while I do 110% believe that people should make what they are inspired to make, I do understand the desire to know what a person likes.

So I’m going to go with In Your Arms because they are just so soft and sweet, from the start of the fic where they sit in the coffee shop of the library and hold hands, to holding one another under plastic stars in a faux blanket fort, to the blinding kiss in the same coffee shop library. Even just them walking along the street, they link arms and it’s like a modern day spinner!Rum and it’s just all so soft and sweet. That verse is probably my second favourite out of everything I’ve written, I don’t know if it’s wrong to say the world I conjured captured me from the moment I started but it did /shrug.