7.04 Beauty

I’m not going to be coherent for a while.

Just wow.

And *ugly sobbing*


I was expecting Rumbelle, I was not expecting all the ensemble amazingness. The Regina and Henry blink and miss it moment, Henry and Jacinda ,all the stuff between Tilly and Weaver, the not so subtle stuff with Rogers and Tilly, Ivy becoming more of a fleshed out character – and potentially the rehash of the triangle of Snow/David/Kathryn.

Also Gideon and his offer. I had an EF AU where Rumple made a different choice and did pass on the curse to his son, his family legacy essentially becoming the guardians protecting the realms from the darkness.

Given Rumple said that the portal would take him to the moment with the Guardian two people were there – Alice and Henry. Now I don’t believe Alice is the guardian but Henry? What could be purer than the heart of the truest believer? Plus it would be like I said, Rumple’s family legacy in keeping the realms safe from the darkness.

Oh and I’m in utter denial by the way. I literally can’t cope with the alternative. The whole house montage, the clips from past episodes – Skin Deep, the return of the cup, the doing the curtains again – TOO MANY FEELS!!! I don’t do well with finality and the dreaded character d-d-dea—— gone for a bit, just doesn’t happen in my world.

I haven’t even mentioned the adorable birthday party.

I am dead I tell you. I am an ex-Sam, slayed my shipper heart.