I’ve finally repopulated my queue yay heh *rolls eyes at self*.

Anyway a bit of a PSA I realized just now that I reblogged a Star Trek: Discovery gifset earlier this week without a spoiler tag. That’s because it was Friday and the episode had aired Monday so I didn’t really think twice about it. I think I kinda thought to myself that the show had only aired once, so if I tagged it as spoilers then I’d have to tag everything as spoilers and that just felt silly.

I saw today though that some people are still tagging spoilers. So yeah PSA I won’t be tagging spoilers on this show. Not unless it’s within three days of it airing because I do that with Once and I think that’s fair enough. I don’t want to spoil anyone and make them sad, hence this rambling post 🙂

Netflix is seriously awesome by the way. I’m loving all the rights they have to broadcast stuff. Now if only they could get Agents of Shield away from channel 4 that would be great!

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Sadly Netflix doesn’t have the right to air Discovery in the USA. Aka: I miss out.

I’m confused I thought it aired on CBS in America? I mean Netflix have it for the UK because it’s an American show. I thought you guys got it first. If you don’t then that’s very wrong. I mean I hate waiting and think shows should air internationally within a day of each other (because of time zones) but the country of origin should get it first – that’s only fair!

Anyway “I miss out” isn’t ambiguous at all so I’m just so very sorry *hugs you tightly* I do tag all the posts with ‘star trek: discovery’ but I can use another tag if that helps you. Anything that you need *hugs you again*

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betweenpaperpages replied to your post “I’ve…

Aww. You are a sweetheart. No worries about the tags! If it comes across my dash, it comes 🙂 All I know is that it was on CBS Stream, I thought it was exclusively there. If it airs on cable I do not know, I don’t have cable at all.

Ahh CBS ‘Stream’ that explains why I thought it was on CBS /facepalm. I’m guessing the Stream part makes it some kind of premium service. Well CBS sucks! That kinda goes against the spirit of Star Trek IMO. Profiteering arseholes! I’m really sorry *hugs again*

I don’t have cable either or satellite or any other kind of paid for TV. I get really annoyed when shows I love announce “we are airing in the UK” as I get all excited before I read that it’s on some paid channel I don’t have. That’s why I’m so gleeful about Netflix having the rights to some things. They air it swiftly as opposed to some UK channels (*glares* at channel 5) that hold onto things for over a year for no reason known, and of course I have Netflix. That’s affordable, a cable package would be at minimum about 7x as much per month so no way.