You know I unsubbed to Netflix a couple of months back because they didn’t currently offer anything I wanted to watch.

I subbed to DisneyLife which is full of fresh content so I’m getting my subs worth BUT it just isn’t as good as netflix.

There is no “pick up, put down” feature. I can’t start something on one TV and finish it on another, or finish it another day. There was a powercut last week and so I was cut off mid-episode. I had to fast-forward (which is harder on stream) to get back to where I was – Netflix would have remembered.

Netflix also has a watch history AND I can alter it if I want. So I had a moment of no-control and got a months pass to NowTV and tonight I suddenly wanted to know how many movies I’d watched (so at the end of the month I’d know how many I’d watched for my money) but there is no history option, so there is no way to know short of remembering (which is kinda the point). What it does remember is what I’m currently watching (but like DisneyLife not where I got to) and there’s no way to change that. So I have two movies on there which I did watch but obviously it didn’t trigger that they were finished, there is an episode of The Flash because I clicked play thinking “ooooh I’ll try that show” only to realize it was season 4 and not season 1 and therefore useless to me. It bugs me that they are on there but I can’t do anything about it.

It seems all the giants are making their own streaming services these days. Disney is going big with Disney+ and CBS has All Access etc. and I’m sure there are others but I’m tired and shouldn’t be rambling but anyway, I hope these services realize that there is more to Netflix than just streaming – it’s how it streams.

Those little quality of life touches add up imo.

I took an unexpected nap and woke up to find my Netflix account had been hacked.

How? Why?

Full credit to Netflix though. It was free to call to fix it, my call was answered immediately (no hold time) and the lady was very kind.

Still think it was punishment for the nap 🙁

I’ve finally repopulated my queue yay heh *rolls eyes at self*.

Anyway a bit of a PSA I realized just now that I reblogged a Star Trek: Discovery gifset earlier this week without a spoiler tag. That’s because it was Friday and the episode had aired Monday so I didn’t really think twice about it. I think I kinda thought to myself that the show had only aired once, so if I tagged it as spoilers then I’d have to tag everything as spoilers and that just felt silly.

I saw today though that some people are still tagging spoilers. So yeah PSA I won’t be tagging spoilers on this show. Not unless it’s within three days of it airing because I do that with Once and I think that’s fair enough. I don’t want to spoil anyone and make them sad, hence this rambling post 🙂

Netflix is seriously awesome by the way. I’m loving all the rights they have to broadcast stuff. Now if only they could get Agents of Shield away from channel 4 that would be great!

betweenpaperpages replied to your post “I’ve finally repopulated my queue yay heh *rolls eyes at self*. Anyway…”

Sadly Netflix doesn’t have the right to air Discovery in the USA. Aka: I miss out.

I’m confused I thought it aired on CBS in America? I mean Netflix have it for the UK because it’s an American show. I thought you guys got it first. If you don’t then that’s very wrong. I mean I hate waiting and think shows should air internationally within a day of each other (because of time zones) but the country of origin should get it first – that’s only fair!

Anyway “I miss out” isn’t ambiguous at all so I’m just so very sorry *hugs you tightly* I do tag all the posts with ‘star trek: discovery’ but I can use another tag if that helps you. Anything that you need *hugs you again*

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betweenpaperpages replied to your post “I’ve…

Aww. You are a sweetheart. No worries about the tags! If it comes across my dash, it comes 🙂 All I know is that it was on CBS Stream, I thought it was exclusively there. If it airs on cable I do not know, I don’t have cable at all.

Ahh CBS ‘Stream’ that explains why I thought it was on CBS /facepalm. I’m guessing the Stream part makes it some kind of premium service. Well CBS sucks! That kinda goes against the spirit of Star Trek IMO. Profiteering arseholes! I’m really sorry *hugs again*

I don’t have cable either or satellite or any other kind of paid for TV. I get really annoyed when shows I love announce “we are airing in the UK” as I get all excited before I read that it’s on some paid channel I don’t have. That’s why I’m so gleeful about Netflix having the rights to some things. They air it swiftly as opposed to some UK channels (*glares* at channel 5) that hold onto things for over a year for no reason known, and of course I have Netflix. That’s affordable, a cable package would be at minimum about 7x as much per month so no way.


Question of the day: 

Is Netflix a good investment?

I have netflix! I’ve had the subscription for a while, a year or so, and I’ve never run out of things to watch. There’s always something on netflix that I’m watching, or could watch but your mileage may vary.

If I was you I would check out this site – New On Netflix UK – and browse the catalog. See how much netflix offers that you are interested in watching. I would also think about how often you might watch netflix and then balance that against the monthly sub.

Personally, I follow several shows on netflix that get new episodes weekly (when they are airing). Plus there’s all the stuff in the netflix archive, or they add new seasons of shows I like in bulk on occasion etc. so I probably watch several times a week. Also especially because netflix are increasingly getting into original content, I think it’s worth it because netflix offers stuff that I can’t get anywhere else.

So yeah I think netflix is a good investment 🙂