March Status Update

A summary post of what happened last month fic-wise, and my plans for the forthcoming month, because I can’t hit a target, if I can’t see it.

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Works posted in February:

Under My Skin (Lachbelle, WIP)
    – Chapter Two
The Price We Pay
    – Three Prompts (First meeting / Rumple meets Gaston / Staring)
    – Three Prompts (The Better Consort / Dented Mug / Question of Safety)

Counting Stars (AU family fluff, Complete)
    – Chapter Three

Belle and Gold Dance (Drawing, Fluffapalooza)

A Little Insurance (A Monthly Rumbelling fic)
Another Second Chance (A Monthly Rumbelling fic)

Sweet Masquerade (A Monthly Rumbelling fic, nsfw)

Painting Layers of Love (AU romance, WIP)
    – Chapter Nine

Bless the Broken Road (A Monthly Rumbelling fic)

Fall All Over Again (Season Two canon-divergence, Complete, nsfw)
    – Chapter Five

Coming up definitely in March:
– More Painting Layers of Love
– Finish Under My Skin

What I hope March might bring:
– More than one chapter of Painting Layers of Love
– Finish a bunch of stuff due in April so I can start new things!

February started off not great but improved massively as the month went on. I’m hoping that’s going to continue and bode well for March. I’m not inspired for either of March’s Monthly Rumbelling prompts and I’m deliberately not looking at them, so I don’t get inspired. That takes something off the list which is really useful. Basically March is going to be the month of prep because April is shaping up to be really busy.

April brings Rumbelle Order in the Court. I’ve already written one idea for that, but I have three left. Similarly April’s Monthly Rumbelling prompts are very inspiring and May 1st I need to post my May Day Menagerie fic. I only have two WIP’s now and in March I’d like to take that down to just one. This will enable me to focus more on Painting Layers of Love, because that fic deserves it and I really would like to update it more than once a month. March might well be fic-lite if I’m writing things to post in April but we’ll have to see.