leni-ba replied to your postFall All Over Again (Chapter Five)

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I’ve been hoping for this for months now. WHEE!!! It was amazing and I loved it and I’m going to miss a Lacey that acknowledges her love of Gold, but this was perfect. 🙂

Giving Lacey the ‘I’ll never stop fighting for him!’ line was a stroke of genius. I love it when there’s very little difference between her and Belle.

Also, answering Emma’s call with dirty talk made me laugh. I’m sure Emma thinks she’s safe now, but it’ll probably

happen again. I don’t see Belle being any less demonstrative, and honestly, someone who calls a wife from her husband’s phone should be ready for sexy answers. lol Will Belle fulfill Lacey’s promise not to let Gold out of bed for a week, or is she feeling awkward after all this?

I was all set to refute the “hoping for months” line because I didn’t think it had been that long, but you are right *hangs head in shame* Anyway, I’m so thrilled that you liked it and that it was a satisfying ending and everything. I’ve always been in the ‘we are both’ camp for Belle and Lacey. That was fun to play with as this was a cursed!AU really. I don’t think Belle has anything to feel awkward about. She has all the memories, so she knows exactly what happened when her cursed person was in the driving seat so to speak.

I think that Belle would certainly like to follow through on that promise, but to be honest I don’t think even Lacey would have because they know the reality. Rumple/Gold has other people in his life – Neal, Henry, and he has things to deal with that aren’t going to go away like the Regina situation. It’s only natural to want to keep a loved one in sight after a near-death experience, so I imagine that Rumple and Belle will be joined at the hip for a while, dealing with whatever happens as a team.

I have so much headcanon for this verse it’s crazy. I would love to write more because there’s just so many different angles – cursed!AU of Lacey and Gold’s marriage, Season One AU because what happened after Emma woke Belle? Then a continuation from this because this Rumple and Belle are much closer than they were in canon, much more of a partnership due to working together to break the curse. I’ve always wanted to read/write an AU where Belle was on the rescue team for Neverland. So many ideas, so little time 🙂

Thank you for the amazing comment!