Hey! Great job on Fall All Over Again. I read the end today and it did not disappoint! What are you working on/thinking through?

Awww thank you! *hugs you* that’s really kind. I’m so glad you liked it!

I have so many ideas it’s crazy. Right now I obviously have my three active projects. The two WIP’s – Painting Layers of Love and Under My Skin; and the prompt verse The Price We Pay which has 5 prompts still to be filled. However, you already know about those so that’s not that interesting.

So what is up next? Honestly even if I just talk about event fics for the next couple of months we’re getting into double digits. I have nearly another dozen ideas I’m itching to dive into on top of that and I haven’t picked my “next big project” out of that list yet. It’s hard to choose because I love all the ideas. Heh reading down the ideas list trying to pick just a couple to talk about is making it even harder.

Oooh I know, I’ll just write a list with the working titles I have which should get across the basic premise.

  • Divorce and Escorts
  • Lachacy Community Service
  • Cops and Prosecutors
  • Rushbelle Marriage of Convenience (already written this one)
  • May Day Menagerie fic (super secret due to anonymous rules)
  • GoldenLace Bonnie and Clyde
  • The Winning Bid
  • Secret Agent AU
  • Nightwalkers (There has been a murder in Storybrooke)
  • GoldenLace Enchanted Bowl (from the bowling prompt I just adopted)
  • Once Upon a Lifetime sequel
  • From the prompt ‘Please don’t make me socialize’ (Single mom Belle)
  • Rushacy University
  • Rule Number Three (Enchanted Forest AU)
  • Ripple Effect (Rushbelle AU)
  • + 5 April Monthly Rumbelling ideas

The top four are for Rumbelle Order in the Court so I have until the deadline of April 11th to work on the remaining three, and obviously it’s May 1st for the May Day Menagerie. As for everything else? I don’t know how to choose.