Little Insurance!Rumple, why doesn’t Belle’s kiss break your curse? You can feel the magic of her true love, so it’s not a lack of that, is it because you’re choosing to stay cursed? If you are, why? Will you ever let Belle break your curse?


Well dearie it’s our kiss, our true love and it’s not a decision either of us would make alone. It’s not about letting Belle break my curse, why that makes me sound like the beast that needs to be vanquished! True love means true acceptance dearie, and there would be no possibility of true loves kiss if Belle didn’t love all of me, just as I love every part of her.

Our true loves kiss doesn’t break the curse because neither of us wish it. At first I needed my powers to find Bae, and then after he was found Belle and I discussed it. We’d been together for over ten years at that point, we were happy – we still are, and so there seemed little point. I have many enemies, and they wouldn’t stop just because I was rendered powerless.

I have had a number of desperate souls beg me for immortality, I wonder whether they have any idea of what a curse it would become.

My curse will break one day because I have no wish to live without Belle, and neither of us have any wish to outlive our children. Belle will age naturally and when the time comes, our true love will break the curse of the Dark One.