Another Second Chance!Belle, how long was Rumple gone before you knew something was wrong and you decided to put yourself under a sleeping curse?


Two months.

Rumple had gone away for deals before but the longest had been three weeks, and it was only that long because something had gone wrong. He came home then half-naked, soaking wet and very grumpy. This time, after a week I had a bad feeling, after two weeks it turned into a sinking feeling. By the time it had been three weeks I knew, I knew but there was nothing I could do.

I waited two months, spending far too much time staring out of the castle windows, hoping against hope to see him appear in a cloud of magic. It was obvious that whatever was keeping him was blocking his powers, he would never have left me otherwise, not for that long. It was also obvious that there was no easy way out for him, it had been two months which meant it could wind up being forever. The sleeping curse was the only choice I had.