leni-ba replied to your post “Another Second Chance”

Aw, this is perfect! I love the bit of identity crisis wish!Rumple has, but he’s right. Just because other people say he isn’t real, doesn’t mean anything at all.

Now this is a scenario where I can believe Belle would choose a sleeping potion. Whee! Thanks for that. 🙂

Wonderful, wonderful, can’t wait to see what these two make of themselves in this world. 🙂

I read a fic once, it was actually a Harry Potter fic in which Harry had crossed realities and one line stuck with me. it’s from a Stranger in the Promised Land, which was never finished, a real shame because it was really good.

“The world is what you make of it. I could argue that you aren’t real and aren’t worth my time and help, or I could decide that you are a good person in very harsh circumstances who might need help.”

In this particular wish!world AU I kinda looked at it like that. From Regina and Emma’s perspective, nobody is real, so whether they are or not is immaterial to us because we see things through the lens of the main characters. They aren’t real to Emma and Regina so they aren’t real. However, to the actual wish!world inhabitants they have all the memories and thoughts and feelings of a real person. They are real, even if as I said in the fic “If
it was the blink of an eye of a wish, didn’t make their lives any less.”

I don’t know if that makes sense. It’s all about point of view I guess. Yup I liked the symmetry of Belle choosing a sleeping curse but for very different reasons. I’m so glad you enjoyed the fic! Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment 🙂