Another Second Chance!Belle — How did you know how to make a sleeping potion? Did Rumple teach you, or did you learn from a book? Were you afraid to do it? Afraid you might never wake up?


Rumple never taught me the sleeping curse specifically but I had helped him with various potions before, so I knew my way around his workroom and what books to look in for the instructions.

Truthfully I was more afraid not to do it. Something had obviously gone dreadfully wrong and I had no idea how long I would be trapped in the Dark Castle alone. Rumple blames himself for that but it wasn’t his fault, we both agreed to the stronger wards. I was afraid of the isolation, I was afraid if I didn’t find a way to “stop time” then I wouldn’t be around when Rumple returned.

The one thing I wasn’t afraid of was never waking up. I knew that one day Rumple would return, and I knew that he would wake me. It could have been a thousand years but I knew it would happen because Rumple can only be killed by the dagger. He was always going to return one day.

*laughs* or were you really asking whether I doubted our true love? No I never doubted that, I could never doubt that.