And now for TMI Tuesday time, PLL!Gold – do you think maybe you could have handled that a bit better? Isn’t what you just did to Belle, running out on her without a fully explanation, just as bad as what Neal did? Don’t you think maybe being honest and upfront with Belle as you have so far is probably the way to go? (GO FIX THIS MESS RIGHT NOW, MISTER)


*clears throat* Unaccustomed though I am to admitting fault, I am forced to agree. I could definitely have handled that better. My timing was atrocious, well-intentioned but *snorts* we all know how intentions are meaningless. I’ve just discovered I have Belle’s shoes to return. I will knock and return them and apologize for my poor timing. Undoubtedly, that will be the last we see of one another.

#of course it’s not the last you’ll see of one another#oh gold you have no idea