Hang on a second



Has anyone else noticed this continuity error? We were told in S5 that Dark Ones don’t sleep. So what was up with Gold having a nightmare in the ‘Lacey’ episode?

The writers don’t remember their own rules and add new ones when it’s convenient for them, no matter what’s been shown in the past. This is why people continually come back from them dead. This is why portals are easier to open than a bag of chips. I know there are more, but they’re not coming to mind.

I have always thought it was more that dark one’s don’t need to sleep, but they can if they want/are able to do so. Therefore after twenty-eight cursed years as Gold, Rumple probably was in the habit of sleeping everyday. He kept it up perhaps because it made him feel more human. That would be a good thing for both his developing relationship with Belle, and for reconnecting with Bae (Neal) when he found him.

So Rumple could sleep and have a nightmare, and still mean that “dark one’s don’t sleep” is true. That’s my headcanon anyway. It seemed to make sense to me.