Mog My Closet: The Willbreaker

This was another attempt of mine to make a new prot set, for the start of level 90 at least. I actually like this one a lot and I’m collecting the pieces to put it together. I started with the sword and I worked the rest of the set up from that.

I hope someone out there likes it as much as I do. Oh and this is only for paladins as some of the pieces are class restricted.

Head: None (Set not to display)
Shoulders: Spaulders of the Thalassian Savior (Alythess/Sacrolash, Sunwell Plateau)
Chest: Heroic Judicator’s Chestguard (Entropius, Sunwell Plateau)
Hands: Gauntlets of the Soothed Soul (Entropius, Sunwell Plateau)
Waist: Lightbringer Girdle (Brutallus, Sunwell Plateau) Paladin Only
Legs: Legplates of the Holy Juggernaut (Sathrovarr, Sunwell Plateau)
Feet: Lightbringer Treads (Felmyst, Sunwell Plateau) Paladin Only
Cloak: Drape of the Violet Tower (579, Justice Points)
Weapon: The Willbreaker (Keli’dan, The Blood Furnace (Heroic))
Shield: Protective Barricade of the Light (348, Justice)
Shirt: None
Tabard: None

Have fun running Sunwell for this set, I’m going every week to help my guild get the legendary bow, so make sure you have a hunter with you.