10 Day Blog Challenge

Over at Blog Azeroth this was suggested as a good topic. I agree I think that it makes for an interesting post, that the questions reveal a little something about the player, or blogger in this instance. However, the questions don’t really lend themselves to a full post each in my mind, so I’m going to include them all on this one.

I’m still working up posts about those different things I mentioned I’d be writing about. In truth I thought I’d have a warrior post by now but part of me is rebelling playing it until Mists. I don’t know if that’s because when I see that avatar I hate it, as I’ve spent an expansion loathing my warrior. More likely though it’s because Mists drops in three weeks, so playing and getting gear now is completely irrelevant. I don’t like doing pointless things so I’ll be waiting three weeks. Anyway on to the questions.

1) What was your first toon and why did you roll that particular class?
I think I’ve mentioned this before as an aside to another post. Anyway my first character was my mage Macalot. The friend who recruited me played a mage as his main, so I figured it had to be the best class in the game. We levelled together until level 73 and then we had trouble scheduling so I did the last seven on my own. I dinged 80 in Icecrown in Northrend by killing a vrykul. I’d been so close that I could feel it, I ran a dungeon and still had a couple of bars to go. It was late and I didn’t really have time to run a dungeon, and sit in the queue to run the dungeon. However, I clicked queue and it instant popped. I’ve never seen that since for dps, it was kind of amazing. I ran the dungeon and was at 99% when I got out so I killed three mobs and dinged. Epic feeling, my first max level, insert happy dance.

2) What naming theme, if any do you use when you roll a new toon?
I’m on record as being a bit of a name snob. I know that people that have characters who are called stupid things like ‘Fatboy’ or ‘Stabbymcstab’ could be really nice people and fantastic players. However, the name is the first thing that other people see and I can’t help but form an impression from that. I would never willingly group with people with names like that. If they /w when I’m LFM in trade for a group I’d choose someone else. Anyway I don’t really have a naming theme, it just a name fits or it doesn’t. I remember when I created my hunter I said “cya going to roll a hunter” in guild and disappeared for an hour. When I logged back on they asked me where I’d been “choosing a name” was what I said. I think very carefully about my character names. I suppose I do have some inspiration from things that I like. My rogue is called Kensi after the character in NCIS:LA but Kensi is very kick butt, sneaky, smart and she would make an excellent operative for SI:7. Not all my names come from things like that though but I do really think really hard about them.

3) What was the last toon you rolled?
I’ve been doing my RaF experiment mark 2, so the last character I rolled was two characters. There was my warlock Nostravinci and my second druid Hajami. Now Hajami I had intended to either leave on the second account, or faction change to troll, the name was picked with that in mind. However, I think instead I’ll server change it over to join this new guild, so I might rename it. Too bad really because troll druids have awesome colours and I do love the troll race anyway, the lore is epic.

4) What was the last toon you deleted and why?
Deleted? Wow I don’t really do that very often. It might have been my druid Romalus. I got it to Darnassus out of the worgen starting zone but I wasn’t happy with the features. So I deleted it to re-customize it and then I levelled it up again. I create level 1 characters quite often to *cough* reserve names *cough* but I don’t really count those as characters. They were created to be deleted after all. I’m contemplating deleting my shaman on Argent Dawn. This shaman was the one that benefited from the free levels from my first RaF experiment so got to level 61 without me doing very much at all. Given that I decided rather than fork out for a server transfer to my new server I’d just level one again. However, I was quite attached to the name so I now I have a level 80 shaman and level 61 shaman with the same name. It messes up my character list on the remote armory and I don’t use the level 61 shaman, I don’t even like shamans. However, I’m adverse to deleting things as you never know what might happen in the future.

5) What was the first 5 man dungeon you entered?
Deadmines when I was about level 12 or something silly. My friend offered to boost me on his mage but it didn’t go very well, I died a lot. Still I’ll never forget going through those doors and seeing that boat for the first time.

6) What was your first raid you entered?
Molten Core when I was about level 62 or something. My friend ran it every week hoping for the bindings and invited me to come watch. I died a lot as you can imagine but he said “you’ll never forget the first time you see Ragnaros” and I haven’t. To this day I think Raggy remains my favourite raid boss.

7) What was your favourite drop ever from a boss?
Well I was stunned when I saw the Eye of Sulfuras drop as it was so unexpected. However, I’ve actually seen it drop again so that sort of took the shine off having two of them. I was pretty stunned when I saw Geddon’s binding drop, though Garr has yet to give up his. I don’t know really what the answer to this is. I was happy when Skadi finally gave up his reins after months of running the place, ditto with Attumen. However, I don’t know I just don’t think I get attached to things. I like my Souldrinker as it’s got a bit of a self heal on it which is pretty cool for soloing but I won’t be using it anymore in a few weeks. I guess I just don’t have a favourite though I do like my Runeblade of Baron Rivendare a lot.

8) If you farm instances for mounts/pets, which is your favourite?
As my answer above reveals I do do this. I think my favourite pet is the Pheonix Hatchling from Magisters’ Terrace. I don’t know why I like it so much but I do, I’m definitely thinking this will be on my Pet Battle team. As for mounts I think my favourite might have to be Rivendare’s Deathcharger. It was the first rare mount I farmed for, and this was back before I installed Rarity, so I have no idea how many hundreds of runs I made. This was the first, and despite running for it so many times, I have an enduring love for Stratholme and for Lordaeron.

9) If there is one favorite achievement (5 man or raid) you attained, what was it?
It has to be 5 man or raid? Wow these questions are not easy. I’m going to go with Destroyer’s End as I did it when it was current. I also did it as part of a raid team where it was new to all of us. When I killed Raggy in Firelands for the first time, that is an epic fight, I was with an established team. Basically I just followed their lead and everything worked out. When I first killed Deathwing on normal it was because we’d worked as a team to do it.

10) If there is one raid you will never do again, what is it and why?
I’m pretty sick of Dragon Soul but that will pass. I’d probably say one of the Burning Crusade raids as I have no reason to go back there. Gruul’s Lair, Magtheridon’s Lair or Serpentshrine Cavern. They don’t offer anything but the achievement, and I have that, so short of a desperate guildmate I won’t return.