The NaNo Report: Day Eight

So today worked out better than I feared as I did actually write a little. It could so easily have been a zero day so I am proud of myself that I did something. Tomorrow will also be difficult as I have an eye test in the morning, and a doctors appointment in the afternoon, so it will be a struggle to write again.

However, I want to hit 30k on or before the 17th (technically NaNo par puts 30k on the 18th) because the 30k reward I have selected is a video game which is on sale for 80% off and the sale ends then. If I miss it then it’s gone until the next time it’s on sale which is who knows when.

Now I was hoping this would light a bit of a fire but I am concerned as I am coming to the end of Episode 1 of the serial, and I have next to nothing planned past this. A few scribbled notes and that’s it. As I ground to a halt today as I had to describe a magical artifact and I couldn’t decide what it looked like… well it’s a problem. So I’m not sure how this is going to go :/ hopefully my subconscious is working for me and I will have an answer. I am not betting on it but hey let’s be optimistic!

Anyway I am ending the day having slipped behind par again. I could really do with another catch-up/get ahead this weekend.

Words today: 581
Current total: 12,602