The NaNo Report: Day One & Two

Like last year I debated about where to post this as I am not writing fanfic, but again like last year I eventually went ehhh. As if I can’t ramble here then where can I?

I am writing a contemporary fantasy, a serial where a team hunts a different magical MacGuffin each week. For the 50k I think it will be two and a half ‘episodes’.

The pre-NaNo prep didn’t go great. I like to have a full outline but on Monday I had to toss what I had as it had logic holes you could drive a double decker bus through. I managed to scrape the start of “Episode One” together so I had something to write and I am hoping to cobble together the rest before I need it.

Day One

I managed to write a little over par (2,276). The first two scenes and the opening paragraph of the next. It wasn’t smooth. More procrastination than I would have liked, and I’m not sure how good any of the words are. I just have to keep repeating “can fix a bad page, not a blank page”. I would probably have more to say but that’s the problem of filling this out retrospectively, I have forgotten my thoughts.

Day Two

I should have known when I woke up screaming from a truly awful nightmare that my day would be shot. I’d had a text telling me I had to book a vaccine shot, when I showed up to the appointment this morning they told me I wasn’t eligible. (Seriously why tell me I had to book an appointment?). Going out stresses me a lot, and shots? I’d had to psych myself up.

Anyway I never recovered. I was on the verge of tears all day, and just felt listless, like my gas tank was on empty and the brain had no go power. So predictably I got no words.

Getting behind on Day Two was not on my bingo card. Hopefully I can pull it back tomorrow.