There was an X-Men gifset on my dash, it made me think about them.

So I went looking for more gifsets.

Then last night I watched Days of Future Past.

It was a toss up between that and X3: The Last Stand, which yeah isn’t great for a lot of reasons, but it put my fave Storm front and center and so I like watching it for that.

Which reminded me of the frisson of potential which is what keeps me returning to Storm and The Last Stand. The idea of her stepping up, taking headship of the school and leading the X-Men. Which made me think about Mystique and how I generally prefer the OT to the soft-boot but they gave Mystique more screentime later, and there was some really interesting character dynamics, and then that made me start thinking about her character.

and just… do you ever really want to write fic because you feel the potential bubbling but there is nothing, no concrete leads to turn that buzz into words?

Don’t get me wrong I love the buzz, potential is intoxicating but I just really wish I could do something about it. I keep feeling sparks and there is absolutely no fire.

It’s frustrating.