Illustrated Cover for RBB

This is half of my art for the Rumbelle Big Bang.

With this I tried very hard with my lighting. I discovered the lighting panel in Poser and so there are ground shadows and bouncing green light from the portal, and also some definitive shadows from each other I guess which I drew with the lasso tool.

What I learned is that I need greater differentiation on the colours. I did texture Rumple and Bae’s hair but it’s not really visible on screen (it was a lot more visible on my graphics tablet). The same with the tree/foliage in the background above the energy shield. I can see it fine on my graphics tablet but it’s not really visible on my monitor. Some of that is due to the poor colour accuracy on my monitor but greater difference will make it pop more, so it’s still worth bearing in mind.

I need to vary my line weight, particularly looking at the jaw line and maybe the colour of the lines, not sure. I definitely overwork it. It’s a style thing again I guess and there is too much softness for a true comic look. I use the soft painting brush for the shadows and I should probably stick more with the lasso tool, less is more and all that.

So next time try for greater differentiation, less softness, trust my lines more and make less of them.