Searching for gold dust

6.15 A Wondrous Place was a Hook-centric so it was never going to be in my list of top favorite episodes. That being said I’m very much of the opinion that if I don’t have anything nice to say then why spread the misery? It would be better to remain silent. So I’m not going to go on about the many issues in this episode. Hook’s entitled behavior with “Sorry isn’t good enough” was an indicator of how this was going to go and it really didn’t get any better. Anyway, I’m going to try and pick out anything that was good and there were some things.

So the good?
David is an excellent father. He was reeling from the news that Hook killed his dad, understandably because that was a hell of a bombshell. However, seeing that Emma was upset he instantly put aside his own pain and confusion to comfort her. Inside he might have been thinking that it was good that Hook was gone, that Emma deserved better, but feelings don’t turn on and off like a tap. Emma cared about him, and that didn’t stop with the revelation of Hook killing her grandfather or with him leaving. David could have said a lot of things here, a lot of nasty things about Hook, or to try and convince Emma she was better off. However, he didn’t minimize her feelings, or try and tell her that what she was feeling was wrong, he just let her know that he was sorry and that he cared. That was exactly the right thing to do.

Dark curse technology was funny, I love that kind of quip. David griping that he “just woke up” was brilliant. Really Josh Dallas was wonderful in this episode. “If you can believe that’s her first” was a great line and well delivered, the expression on Regina’s face was perfect. Drunk!Snow was an absolute gift, really they should give Snow more screentime. Both Ginny and Josh are talented actors and when they have something to work with, they really shine.

Regina trying to talk about feelings really shows how much she’s grown. Emotions are messy and complicated but she didn’t shy away from it. She was really trying to be supportive and she wasn’t being judgemental. Again, just like David, she’s letting Emma feel whatever she feels without saying it’s wrong. Regina could give her own opinion and argue for Emma to agree but she’s not. She did call Hook “the pirate” rather than use his name which I guess says something. The group hug between Emma, Snow and Regina was wonderful.

I really liked that they remembered Ariel had a thing about mini-tridents aka forks, that was a nice detail. Aladdin was sweet when he said “the way I’m counting I see four” letting Jasmine know that he saw her as a hero. She wanted to be a hero, to save her people, so it was the best compliment he could pay her.

Other comments
I wonder what happened to Ariel’s necklace. It gave her legs and restored her voice which the Evil Queen took, but when she met Regina in Neverland first Regina restored her voice and then she gave her the bracelet so she could choose to have legs or not. Ariel wouldn’t have needed that if she still had the necklace. However, she then had the necklace in present day as well so I’m confused.

It wasn’t shown but I hope Aladdin grabbed the entire crew and not just Liam and Captain Nemo. I was a bit confused, I couldn’t hear what Captain Nemo said about his ship so maybe that explained it. I suppose it doesn’t matter, and it saved on the actor extras not having to show a big group.

Did anybody else get Pirates of the Caribbean feels from the kraken? I think it was a beast like this that swallowed Jack Sparrow. The timing with the shell call was a bit convenient. Oh and did anyone else think that Ariel had thief tendancies? She stole the fork at the beginning, she took the magic dust and then she asked if she could keep the crown jewel of Agrabah.

Gideon is so like Rumple as much as I don’t want to admit that. Rather than do things the easy way and trust people and ask for help, he blackmails and manipulates. If the Black Fairy is as bad as Gideon says then surely Emma as a savior, and a hero, and a good person, would want to help save the children and defeat evil? If I was him I would have led with that but then I guess just like Rumple, in Gideon’s experience nobody ever helps unless you make them. How can you trust if everyone has always let you down?

You know I don’t know why Once seems to think a character centric has to be that character and next to nothing else. I mean don’t get me wrong I appreciate it when it’s Rumple, or Regina, or Belle (although a Belle-centric is mostly wishful thinking) but they are my faves. I’m a firm believer that every character deserves their time in the sun so I don’t resent other characters getting their time. I just think it would be better for the viewers if it was more balanced across the board, that way each episode would have something for everyone. Anyway, the promo for next week says Rumple will be in it at least, and after two episodes without him that is a relief. I hope Belle gets some screentime as well, Gideon is her son, what have Rumple and Belle been doing these past two episodes? Surely they must have a plan by now.

Oh and while I’m thinking about it I have a question. You know those visions Emma was getting? Well, I remember saying in my review of 6.11 that it was obvious that was just round one with Gideon. The details didn’t match the vision. Emma was wearing different clothes, both Snow and David weren’t there etc.

So if Emma believes in those visions then why did she ever believe for one second that Hook left her? Why are any of them worried about Snow and David’s sleeping curse? The vision proves that Hook is there, it proves that both Snow and David are awake at the same time so the curse is presumably broken. So no worries right? Yes it shows Emma her death but it also shows that everything that is currently upsetting her, will get resolved.

I mean she’s told people about the visions now. Why didn’t they use that as an argument to comfort her? Seems fairly obvious to me. Anyway, I’m going to end my review with my repeated plea to please breaking the sleeping curse between Snow and Charming. They deserve better!