A Little Insurance!Stiltskin family – Was Gideon enthusiastic about getting a sibling?


Rumplestiltskin: *closes his eyes with a pained look* enthusiastic isn’t exactly the word that comes to mind. Gideon was nine, old enough to start having festering secrets.

Belle: *teases* He gets the brooding from you.

Rumplestiltskin: I’d made sure that he knew all about Bae and I’d never …

Belle: *lays a gentle hand on his arm* Gideon felt like he was replacement, like he was second best. Bae wasn’t around to compete with but another child … *shakes her head* it was a difficult couple of months but we talked a lot.

Rumplestiltskin: *nods* by the time Nadia was born Gideon wanted to be a good big brother and he is, Nadia adores him.

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You do realize that now I want a fic about fake!Belle’s second pregnancy, right? Pweeeeeeease?

I have to be honest I’m really not feeling this idea right now. It’s the kind of idea that I put on my list. Then if I get another prompt that works perfectly with it, then I’ll use it and write both because it’ll have the twist/hook/whatever it’s called, that means I have to write it.

Right now, I sort of feel like it’s a nice idea but I’m not attached to it, if that makes sense? So for the time being I’m going to say no, but I’ll also say never say never because I might write something on these lines one day. I just don’t have the spark to do it at the moment. Thank you though very much for your nice comments. I really do appreciate it 🙂