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I mean, teen!Gideon is one of my fav new things in this fandom, and him entertaining a much younger sister made me grin so much. Honestly, it reminded me of myself and my older cousin, with the ten year difference.

Yes. One-sided tickling wars were a thing. /for the record, he’ll still tickle me thirty years later. lol)

Curious Rumple made me smile. I do love to think that his imprisonment was a farce, and I especially love the thought that this – your story – is a real world. with real people whose consciousness is just not in the driver’s seat.

I was happy to hear that he and Bae had reconciled at last, and I thought it made sense that Rumple (subconsciously?) had waited to have more children until he’d made peace with the first.

And awww, of course he’d wish for a world where Bae was happy. Aw.

Beautiful story! 

Yay! I’m so glad you liked it 🙂 I’m relieved that you felt that Gideon and Nadia were realistic – and thank you for the anecdote – my experience with kids is limited so I’m never sure if I’m getting it right. Yeah well Rumple once promised to not love anything or anyone until he found Bae. He broke that by loving Belle but his life was still very much on hold.

Well if it isn’t a real world then there are no stakes. Fake people don’t matter, plus I liked the idea that genie magic had limitations. Heh I think I wrote both of these wish!world oneshots out of spite. I like to think of ways to twist it to make for a Rumbelle happy ending 🙂 Thank for your lovely comment!