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About six weeks ago I posted my cata bucket list. I also included my general warcraft bucket list under the ‘one day but not today’ heading. As those were very general and all encompassing goals which will take a long time, if ever, to complete. However, I’ve finished my cata bucket list which has made me wonder “what now?”. With no indication of when Mists is likely to be released I’m facing, at the minimum, a couple of months until then. So it’s time for a new bucket list, or an expanded one anyway.

Hopefully in two months time I won’t be having to post another bucket list, as Mists will soon be on the horizon.

Before Mists
– Archaeology maxed on my druid (alchemist)
I’m not going to say ‘get the vial of the sands recipe’ as that’s rng dependant. It might drop the first canopic jar I get, or it might drop on the hundredth. However, getting the last 26 points is a must. Making a concerted effort to try and get the recipe is also on the menu. As a bonus it’s possible that I might get the Tol’vir pet or mount. Again as it’s just a drop rate issue I’m not going to set that as a goal (quick way to go mad) but that would be very nice. As it’s account bound in Mists I won’t have to worry about my main not having access to them should I get them on my druid.

– Get the three pvp honor mounts I don’t have
I want to get into pvp in Mists and so I won’t want to waste any honor I earn then on mounts. I also want to collect all the mounts possible, and running battlegrounds for the 6k honor, to get these seems like an ok way to spend time. So the goal is to get the Battlestrider, Elekk and Tiger. The other two pvp mounts that I don’t have require battle tokens from Halaa. I have a plan to get these in Mists using a horde character and second account, but that’s in Mists.

– Get the remaining Argent Tournament mounts
I already have all the alliance pets, and the mounts that you mainly buy with gold, and the pony with bridle. I also have a couple of the coupon mounts but there’s still seven left. It’ll take about 60 days, or two months, to get enough coupons to buy them all. Then I can say goodbye to running Argent Tournament on Alliance. I will of course in Mists, after I’ve levelled a horde character, be running it horde side to get those pets. Once that’s done I hope never to set eyes on the place again.

– Mine the last 50 arcane crystals
I’m working on the Thunderfury legendary since I was lucky enough to get one of the bindings. It would be a good idea to have all the other mats in place for when the other binding eventually drops. That might be years from now but it would be so frustrating to have the bindings, and then have to go mine for hours to get the arcanite bars.

– Frostweave bags for alts
I have nearly a whole guild bank tab full of frostweave stacks. I’ll be levelling four new alts when Mists comes out, I also have one or two alts now that could do with bigger bags. Any that I have left I can try and sell when Mists comes out. They aren’t that much smaller than the embersilk ones and the mats are a lot easier to come by. By crafting them before hand I’ll see where I stand in terms of what mats I have, and what mats I need. I won’t want to be grinding those out in Mists.

RNG Dependant
– Blue Proto Drake (Skadi)
I’ve been running Utgarde Pinnacle everyday on and off for months. I’ve recently reaffirmed my dedication to running it and it honestly doesn’t take long. I’ve no way to control whether this drops or not but it would be nice if it dropped before Mists. Otherwise I’ll likely stop running it for a while so I can spend my time on the new content. If that happens I’ll come back to it eventually, but it would be nice to check it off the list now.

– Searing Scorchling
I’ve recently gone back to running the Molten Front dailies every day for a chance at this pet. You can get the required 30 tokens, and do all the Argent Tournament dailies at once, it caps you but it’s done. I got thoroughly sick of these when I got the achievement and took a break for a while. I honestly don’t want to have to think about running these in Mists. Like with Skadi I’d take a break for a while and it would be nice to get this checked off now.

– Vitreous Stone Drake
This drops from Slabhide in the Stonecore and I debated whether or not to put it on this list. It is soloable now and it doesn’t take that long, it would be definitely much faster in Mists though. Also I don’t feel the same ‘want to check it off’ that I feel with Skadi, as this is current content and in Mists would only be last expansion. I don’t solo this everyday and so this is very much a ‘would be nice but doesn’t matter’ entry. I’m not even going to put Drake of the North Wind on this list. It might be soloable but it’s a pain and I can’t be bothered right now.

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  1. Good luck with your list. I have a similar one and the actual mention of a date has me panicking slightly now.

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