Why I love warcraft

Just a quick note before I get to the actual topic. Since starting this blog I’ve been posting as and when which is not the best way to start. So I’m going to set a schedule of posting which is three times a week. Monday, Thursday and Saturday seem like good days so I’ll go for them. Anyway, now onto topic.

For all it’s qualities swtor is still a new game. I, and everyone else, have only been playing it just a few short months. Warcraft has been around for over seven years now and I personally have been playing for just over two. Obviously this means my reasons for loving it are going to be different than those for swtor.

1) Depth – This isn’t really fair to swtor as it’s obviously going to have less content being newer but warcraft does have a lot going on. There is always something to do in game. Whether it be dailies, reputation maxing, pet/mount farming. That’s not even taking into account raiding, raid finder or lfg.

2) Raiding – There’s nothing quite like getting together with the same group of people a couple of evenings a week and slaying internet dragons. It can be frustrating but it can also be exhilarating. When you finally get down a boss that you’ve been wiping on for weeks there’s no feeling quite like it.

3) Achievements – I’m an achievement nut. I have over 10,000 achievement points on my main and I doubt I’ll be completely satisfied till I’ve got them all. What can I say? I’m a completionist. It’s something to work for which ties into point number one.

4) Completion – I know I sort of mentioned this in the point above but I’m not just talking about achievements. This includes maxing out every single profession, having one of every single class and collecting all the recipies/mounts/pets etc. that are available.

5) The lore – While swtor has an interesting storyline it builds on the movies and is very much set in that world. There’s nothing going to be (or is unlikely to be) any amazing innovation. Whereas warcraft lore doesn’t have any similar constraints. It’s also quite amazing when you get down to it. Part of what I wish (coming up in another post) is that warcraft built on these story hooks more. I’m not talking about what was left unfinished in cata (as that’s hopefully necessary for future storytelling potential) but not using those hooks at all.

So there you have it. Another whistle stop post of what I love most about warcraft. I’m sure that like with the post about swtor, I’ll have missed a fair bit, but as mentioned above I’m going to building on these points in future posts.

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  1. and done. Small guilds are great when the polepe are actually online and playing often, while they tend to really suck once players start to leave or have life get in the way of their play time. Medium guilds are good because they can have that same closeness between members without quite so much of the drawback from players cutting back or leaving the game. Large guilds always have something to do and polepe to do it with, but you do tend to lose that closeness with other members beyond the cliques that naturally form within them.I definitely want to be involved with a guild that’s not focused solely on one aspect of the game (save, possibly, certain situations like twink guilds if twink pvp becomes a SWTOR possibility). A guild that only raids isn’t going to appeal to me, while a raiding guild with an active PvP team would. Add members who enjoy leveling/alting, and I’m sold. The more the guild does, the more appealing it is to me.

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