Why I love swtor

There’s a lot of doom and gloom posts floating around the net. They say that swtor was overhyped, that it’s failed to live up to promise and subscribers are leaving in droves. I don’t know whether that’s true I just know that I love this game. There are some iconic parts of the game that deserve their own post, so this is more why I love the game, than any sort of detailed analysis of any particular part.

1) Epic class quests – This is definitely getting it’s own post. These quests are amazing, they give a reason to level alts, it’s engaging, fun and well a post of it’s own.

2) Just questing generally – Every quest feels like it matters. They also don’t seem repetitive though I’m sure they are. The background given to each quest gives it depth and importance. It’s also so interactive and immersive with the dialogue options. Another post I think.

3) The environment – The graphics are great and in some places simply stunning. When I landed on Balmorra for the first time I was speechless, it was gorgeous. Each planet though has it’s own charm. Even Taris which is quite dark, which I usually dislike, is done well.

4) Space combat – Not seen anyone praise this yet but I find it fun and a diversion from more regular means of playing. Yes, it can be repetitive running the same missions over and over. That doesn’t mean I don’t like it though. I often run a few missions to push myself over to the next level.

5) Companions – On my newly rolled Jedi Sentinel alt I’m ignoring the companions and what they think of me pretty much completely. I didn’t take to either the droid or the pushy padawan so I don’t care so much. However, on my Bounty Hunter I’m doing my best to romance Mako. I like her as a character and while I’m adhering to my characters storyline (thanks for clarifying that Heather!) I do sometimes stop and think about what her reaction might be. Whenever I lose affection with her I send Gault out to get gifts (with Underworld Trading) to make the lost affection up.

I’m sure there’s more but the top 5 will do for now. What do you love about swtor?