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hello! i am your gift exchange partner for the bering and wells holiday gift exchange 2023! i would love to know what you would like to receive. i am happy to write fic if you have any prompt suggestions and also make some gifs. i would love to make gifs that are based on songs, quotes or poems that remind you of bering and wells but am happy to follow your lead regarding fic prompts


Great to hear from you. I am super excited about this 🙂 🙂

As I always say with these types of events what I want most is for you to be happy. I want you to have fun making whatever it is. So if I ever say anything and it does not spark joy just ignore. Your happiness is my #1 priority.

That being said. I also make gifs sometimes but time and spoons are elusive am I right? I have had this gifset on my list to make for months and haven’t got round to it so I would be thrilled if someone else ran with it. But if you don’t vibe with it then no worries.

The song is “That Would Be Enough” from Hamilton (yeah I know the craze for that is a few years ago but I don’t move on from things. If I like it then I like it).

The part of the lyrics I had copied out to do (something?) with was:

The worlds you keep erasing and creating in your mind
But I’m not afraid, I know who I married
So long as you come home at the end of the day
That would be enough

If I could grant you peace of mind
If you could let me inside your heart
Oh, let me part of the narrative
In the story they will write someday

Let this moment be the first chapter
Where you decide to stay

And I could be enough
And we could be enough

That would be enough

Now obviously that’s a chunk and too much but you know when something tickles at your brain, and you are like ‘there’s something here’ and it sort of needs working at to blossom into something? Well I never got to the ‘working at it’ part. So feel free to do whatever with this as inspires you, and if it doesn’t inspire you then do something else. I repeat please just have fun.

In my scratched notes I think I thought there was more than one project to be inspired by this. As obviously some of it is more relevant to canon than other parts, like the whole “I know who I married” line doesn’t work during canon (post-canon maybe haha but there’s no gifs for that). So I don’t know if it might spark something for a fic.

But yeah just do whatever you want, whatever makes you happy.

Speaking of happiness I know Bering and Wells is also sometimes known as “angst and pain” but if you are going to break my heart, please leave it on a hopeful/happy end 🙂

I hope this is an ok response. If you wanted me to say something different, then shoot me another message. I’d like to support you in any way you wish. It is always a fine line I find when I am in your shoes between the giftee being too specific, and also not offering enough direction. I know one year I didn’t get any prompt at all from the person I was making a gift for and I was petrified they wouldn’t like what I made. Please never be petrified with me because I will shower love over whatever you do, as I just appreciate the effort, aaaand I am rambling now.

Yeah. Happy Holidays if you celebrate and hope you had a good weekend if you don’t.