Update! (aka full of randomness)

I miss my OT3 :/ August was an awful month mental-health wise and I got very little done, which just made me feel even worse, so I still haven’t completed my original novel from April —> this is me judging myself because seriously?

My plan was to have finished the novel last month, take September for some fanfic (yay OT3!) and then do mixed fanfic/planning in October ready for NaNo in November. I want to do another original novel for NaNo. Unfortunately as the novel of doom is still not done gah! fanfic!September is paying the price 🙁

In mostly unrelated news I took delivery of a PS5 today. I’m sure this is going to do wonders for my productivity /sarcasm but hey at least I won’t be distracted by sitting on the stock checker all the time right?

I have to say it is massive. I mean you’d think modern things would be smaller but this dwarfs my PS2, which is plugged into the same TV (I like it for the dance mat mostly, though I do still have Guitar Hero). Fortunately my ‘TV table’ is actually an old narrow flatpack desk, so there’s no trouble with the height it just goes on top with everything else. It is almost as big as my TV though but hey that’s not hard – my PC monitor is bigger than my TV.

For the PS5 I bought a bundle of console + extra controller + Ratchet and Clank. The extra controller was the only kinda unnecessary part but my paranoia likes having a backup so it’s all good. What I’m extra pleased about is the picture showed a duplicate white controller but they shipped a black one – which is my preferred colour! So I really lucked out there 🙂

I bought the PS2 off eBay about 12 years ago so this is my first current playstation. I was inspired to take the plunge mostly due to all the exclusive games. I got a bit sick of seeing games, thinking they looked awesome, and then them not being available on Steam. I’m determined to be good and not buy anymore games though at the moment.

My MO is to play a game obsessively for a week or two and then drop it, I have so many with just a few hours played. So I wrote up a list and I need to go through and complete some before I can get anymore. Dual benefit – that means I can put PS5 games on my christmas list and as most of them are PS4 they’ll be inexpensive. They might be ‘old’ now but they are still very new to me as I never had a chance to play them before.

Anyway, in conclusion I’m sick of this novel I’m avoiding, pissed off as I feel obligated to finish it before starting another fanfic (and I miss my OT3). I want to make gifsets (I have a list of over 50) and do art (but I’m scared as per usual). So it’s no wonder that I am procrastinating with gaming as I’ve intimidated myself away from doing anything else.

I need to look at my to do list and write up some kind of schedule for the week/month/remaining 4 months of the year maybe even? I’m terrible at estimating how long things take, but if I put aside time regularly to do the things I want I’ll at least make progress. Something to think about!