So the collectible Marvel Lego minifigures came out today.

I actually went outside – to a store! – and had a look at them. I know, the horror, I hope the devil got his ice skates in time haha. Still if anything is going to get me to leave the house it would be Lego 🙂

Anyway, I’m not a fan of gambling and I hoped in squeezing the packets I’d be able to guess at the contents. I like 7/12 of the minifigs and I selected 5 packets before I lost my nerve. I wasn’t sure of my guessing abilities.

Results – 4/5 perfectly correct + one that I wasn’t just wrong about, it was also a duplicate which kinda sucks (I really need some actual Lego friends as this would be a perfect trading situation).

So with those results I’m both tentatively encouraged and also slightly nervous. My guessing skills came out at 80% on this first sample, which is pretty good odds. However, I now have 4/7 of the minifigs that I like and so I’m now searching for 3/12 – probability isn’t in my favour.

I did at least learn some things. I learned that all the packets contain not just a square instruction book, but also a rectangular display stand. I think I was incorrectly identifying a lot of packets on the shelf as Cap-Falcon when I felt the stand, so knowing that’s in all the packets should hopefully help next time.

I walked away with Cap-Falcon, Spiderman, Captain Carter and T’Challa as Star Lord (twice). So next time I’ll be hunting for Scarlet Witch, Monica Rambeau and Bucky. I’m undecided about White Vision and I have zero interest in zombie!Cap, the unknown Gamora variant, Loki in the TVA uniform or Sylvie.

It’s not a bad selection. I’ve never done the collectible minifigs before. I know they’ve done tons of sets of just random Lego ones (which doesn’t interest me). I hope this experiment with licenced versions works out for them. As much as I despise gambling I like minifigs more so another Marvel series, or we could only hope maybe a Star Wars one? would be epic!


Oooh, another Lego person! *waves* 

Haha OMG yes very much so! I am utterly nuts about Lego. Hang on let me take some photos to illustrate my point.

This is my coffee table right now. I built all the modular buildings that I have (4 of them) and over the coming weeks I’m going to do alternate builds of them (thanks to Rebrickable). You can see the Mario TV just behind. I have broken up the console from the set but it’s my intention to (one day) design my own lego pictures to put inside the TV so it’s still built for now.


Then this is my table where I have a finished alternate build of the blacksmiths set (again from Rebrickable) and a partly done Yoda.


and in the corner we have the Pirate ship and then the folding book, plus the diorama book. Again it’s my intention with the pop-up book and the diorama to design my own scenes for them, but I’m not good at getting round to it lol.


All told I think there’s about 10 sets ‘active’ in the room at the moment. I don’t usually leave sets built as I just don’t have the room for display, plus having the raw parts is simply too useful for Rebrickable. However, I thought it would be cool to at least see all the buildings together for a time. Also I’m on this ‘alternate build’ kick at the moment. I think I have 22 different builds to make from those alone?

Once I’ve done the alternate builds I have in mind an idea for a pirate themed restaurant MOC. My history with MOC’s isn’t great (lots of intention, very little follow through) so we’ll see. I do have my annual christmas installation to plan as well. Thus far I’ve mostly picked a selection of sets and then arranged them together to form a scene. These are mostly sets I haven’t bought so I BrickLink any pieces I don’t have. This year I have some slightly different plans as I’m thinking of modifying some sets to make them christmas themed. Again have to see if I actually get round to doing that.

Anyway basically you can’t look anywhere in my room without seeing Lego. It’s everywhere, taking up every flat surface. My room is going to feel quite empty I think when I finally take the Lego street down haha.


This is fantastic! We’re mostly a Star Wars Lego house, although we’ve made a lot of custom stuff from other shows – B5, Space Above and Beyond, BSG etc. We have our own store on BrickLink, sell custom instructions through Rebrickable etc. Our house is just CRAMMED full of Lego… 

Haha don’t be fooled by my currently ‘active’ selection. I have 38 sets and 15 of them are Star Wars. It’s my favourite theme by far 🙂 I’m currently waiting until they get the next wave of production sets out before I dig deep and use all my VIP points to get the Gunship. I don’t want the mistake with the imperial logo on the instructions/box hence waiting.

I really wish that I had been into Lego a few years ago. My favourite era of Star Wars is Rebels/Clone Wars and I missed the years when they focused on that :/ I’ve built some cool stuff thanks to BrickLink but it’s not quite the same.

Ooooh do you have links? I’d love to check out your stuff on Rebrickable. I’m always interested in cool space builds. Oh I think I’ve seen you post some photos before now I think about it. You do good work!