Watching Sanctuary. Starting to get a little bit obsessed actually. I’ve gone from “hmm will I like this?” to “yeah this is pretty good” to “thinking about it every free minute of my day” (that’s just how I roll).

Anyway I’m up to mid season three and I’ve reached the hidden city stuff. Now I don’t know what comes next and so it could all fall to pieces but I’m sorry my Stargate obsessed brain can’t help but draw parallels between the hidden city and Atlantis.

Think about the properties of the source blood, of the vampires, think about wraith (space vampires) and how they came into existence because the Ancients didn’t clean up their experiment with the Iratus bug properly when researching immortality.

What if when the Ancients abandoned Atlantis they decided to clear Earth of the Goa’uld and instead made Earth their new laboratory experiment? They’d seeded the second evolution of humanity years earlier, what’s to stop them from getting a little more exotic with the life they seed? Seeing what evolution does and thus producing the abnormals.

Magnus hasn’t aged, that was her gift from the source blood but four of The Five lived to be 150 something anyway. Druitt possibly (I’m speculating) because of the infusion of Helen’s blood, and Watson had that suit which somehow sustained him but Tesla? He changed the most, he went Vampire-like and got lots of abilities but also he got the not aging thing that Helen did.

So yeah it makes sense to me that the Ancients could have had a hand in creating the abnormals/vampires and of course the advanced underground city. Whether they survived to see that their experiment worked … well that’s where the AU has possibilities. Is the city home to immortal Ancients or did the Ancients die, and instead a group of humans stumbled on the city and took it for their own much like what happened with Atlantis?

I mean basically if it is just regular humans living down there then this could even be canon. It’s not obviously but so far there’s been no explanation as to the origins of the city/abnormals so there’s no reason why it couldn’t be the backstory.

I know, I know, I should stop connecting Stargate to everything. I did it with The Librarians and now with Sanctuary but it just works. I’m sorry the Ancients just have potential like that, plus I really love Stargate.