Right thus far this month I’ve not done anything that I said I was going to do.

That feels really sucky and bad inside.

So I’m going to go make myself miserable for a week and churn out my stupid assignments. That won’t make me feel better, in fact I’ll probably feel worse as it’ll be then mid-month with zero progress on what I intended, but that’s my fault for getting in a weird headspace for the past 10 days.

Three assignments. 5700 words. Doesn’t sound like much when I put it like that. Feels a bit like an impossible mountain though, always does before I get started, like can I really get this done :/ obviously I do come out the other side, I have done before and I will do this time. It’s just staring down the barrel of the assignments is quite intimidating.

I’m actually going to close the tumblr tab lest I give into the urge to whine. Nobody wants that, not even me.

#shutting up now#why do I always get myself into states like this?#seriously self sort it out you do know better