I’m actually doing work. This is kinda unheard of – “who are you and what have you done with me?” Hehehe *sniggers*

No sorry it’s just I felt it was worthy of comment. I know I could be a lot more productive I’m sure but the fact that I have done anything is just ??? WOW right now. I mean it’s Sunday, I don’t have classes next week, so I have all of next week theoretically do to my various assignments AND I’m actually working on an essay right now.

I like this! Let’s keep doing this!

I got a third of the wordcount so far for the first draft and it’s only just gone noon! Sorry I’m just super impressed with myself right now. The fact that I’ve even started is like eye-popping. Go me! 🙂

#honestly I could cry because I’m so pleased this is the version of me I want#I know self-congratulation is a little bit … I can’t think of the word but I mean like not the done thing#I’m going to do it anyway though because I have nearly two weeks until the deadline and I’m working on it#let’s keep this I want this