Rumbelle Big Bang interest survey

Rumbelle Big Bang interest survey


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Should have read the questionnaire first…. I’m a little confused by the whole Big Bang/Reverse Big Bang thing. Maybe it’s just the ones I’ve seen advertised recently on tumblr but I thought both were a thing? Like two rounds I guess. First round artist and author, second round swap. So art and fic start off, and follow-on. Am I even making sense with that?Also I have no clue who else but you is behind this but if you need anything, feel free to hit me up 🙂

Interesting… I’ve personally never heard of a two-round Big Bang. So do the pairings remain the same for both rounds, in your experience? 

This is probably a good moment to insert the disclaimer that all my knowledge of Big Bangs and how they work, is based on participating in them in the Glee fandom. So that’s my template, and I’ve never actually run one. But no one else was offering to run an event like this, so I figured I’d step up. Thanks for offering to help! I may take you up on that!

In my experience a ‘regular’ Big Bang (story comes first) and a Reverse Big Bang (art comes first) are run as two separate events. Nothing’s stopping us from having another event after the first one, if the first one is a success. I think I’d rather take it one step at a time, though. 

I’ve never taken part in a Big Bang of any kind. It was just on my dash very recently, I think it was for Philinda? spelling out how it was going to work, and they ran both the Big Bang and the Reverse Big Bang concurrently, so artists got their work turned into fic, and fic got turned into art.

I don’t know whether it was a straight swap. I’m guessing probably not because otherwise it would lose the anonymity factor.

I didn’t really know they were two separate events tbh. I thought it was so everyone got a fair shake at having their work transformed. I totally see the sense in what you are saying about not biting off more than one can chew, so now I understand the questionnaire a bit better heh. Seeing what way round people want to do it – makes sense!