Magical Road Trip

I saw the Once Upon a Time two-part finale on Wednesday the 18th, the day it was put up on netflix. I wrote down comments while I was watching but until today I didn’t get round to properly making them up into a coherent blog post.

This is the last blog post about Once Upon a Time – Season Five. I have blogged through the entire season, this is my 15th post. Writing 15 posts about 23 episodes is pretty good going. I’m too lazy to check the word count but considering I don’t think any of my posts are under 2k these days, and quite often they go up to 5k, that is a fair few words about what was the worst season of the show.

I love this show, I really do, it’s my favorite currently airing show. There is nothing else on TV (that I know about at least) that is remotely like it. However, that doesn’t mean it gets a complete pass. I call it how I see it, and the show itself and all the characters suffered through this season, no-one came out of it looking good.

I’m going to run through my comments on the finale and then I’ll do a series post-mortem, along with some hopes I have for season six.

The Problem of Zelena
I don’t get why everyone likes Zelena now? I know I said this in my last post but seriously, Zelena’s sudden acceptance among the Charming clan is incredibly perplexing. It’s strange for two reasons. 1) Why are the Charmings ok with it? 2) Why does Zelena even want it?

I mean even back in Camelot Zelena wasn’t exactly wanting to get cosy with the ‘heroes’ and now it’s like she’s had her baby and become a completely different person. I always hated Zelena because of what she had done, to Rumple, to Neal and to Robin. However, I’m not going to deny I liked watching her because wicked was fun. This Zelena is not herself and so now she isn’t even fun. What’s the point in keeping her around if she’s just going to become another bland ‘hero’. They are completely whitewashing all her conflict away and that just doesn’t make sense.

“Not exactly easy” – understatement of the century there David. For all that Zelena isn’t a hero, she did kill the man who was her true love because he killed her sister’s true love, and because he lied to her. Whatever Zelena’s reasons it did save Storybrooke from Hades and she does deserve some credit for that, and for the sacrifice that meant. I was just going to say I doubt that either of the Charming’s would do the same but they actually did, that’s why they share a heart. Perhaps they deserve a little bit of credit too.

The writers however deserve zero credit. I’m sure that the Roland scene was meant to be cute and it’s good to know that the merry men are taking good care of him. Robin would definitely have liked the idea of Roland growing up in the forest so that’s nice. However, having Roland share that moment with Zelena! That is all manner of wrong and messed up.

I liked that Roland remembered Regina and had a fletching of an arrow for her but Roland .. hugging .. Zelena .. like she has done nothing wrong .. talking about bringing his sister for a visit like they are family .. excuse me while I throw up. There are no words as to how wrong that was. How do the writers not see it?

I love how Rumple speaks the truth though, perhaps in Zelena’s case speaking for the audience – “Why would I ever help Zelena?” – was what he said. My thinking was finally at least someone remembers her crimes. I still don’t get why Regina is so “oh she’s my sister” all of a sudden, or why Zelena feels the same. Zelena was so overcome with jealousy about Regina she tried to kill her so Rumple had to choose her to cast the dark curse. Zelena turned literally green in envy, and set out to take everything from Regina and now they are best pals? I just don’t see the justification.

“Well we are certainly not in Storybrooke anymore.” – nice link to “not in Kansas anymore” but then the writers have always been good at writing great lines. Sometimes that polish on the lines hides how rotten the plot is underneath. The actors are good too and they do their best with what they are given. “To be clear I was fine running.” was another really good line.

Plus I suppose that line at least did sort of make notice that while the hero set have claimed her, Zelena isn’t exactly a hero just yet. Another difference between Zelena and the ‘heroes’ is that I always hate it when the heroes stand there and do nothing but Zelena threw a green fireball (a spell of something) straight away. Thus proving my theory yet again that villains would make the best heroes. However, I bet she’ll turn out just as useless as the rest if she actually does turn good.

Henry and the Author
Henry, Henry, Henry. I really thought he had plumbed the depths of his idiocy when 2.5 seasons ago he decided to give Pan his heart to save magic. That was beyond dumb. Now, he’s wanting to destroy magic – talk about a change of heart – pun intended.

He’s thinking magic is bad, must destroy magic, he has to use magic to destroy magic (I don’t get the logic) and he also breaks an oath. Mind you I do hate everything to do with the author plot at the best of times. I have said it before and I will say it again, the author undermines all characters because he can take away free will. If the characters aren’t acting under their own volition then no-one has to take responsibility for their actions. It completely makes all character development irrelevant. Why should we care if they are just puppets? They are supposed to be people and not characters.

I’m guessing Rumple found Henry the same way Regina did, he shares Henry’s blood just like Emma. It’s not such a strong bond as he is his grandfather so it’s only 25% rather than 50% but with as much power as Rumple has that wouldn’t be a problem. Everyone always forgets that Rumple is Henry’s grandfather most of the time.

When Rumple found Henry at the library I wasn’t scared for even a second. I never believed that he would hurt them because Henry is his grandson and family is the important thing to Rumple, for all that people think it’s power. However, while Rumple didn’t hurt them, Henry hurt him. It’s the unintentional hurts that often cut the most and Henry acted to protect Violet, like he thought Rumple meant them harm – “Violet get behind me.” – seriously?

Then afterwards when Emma and Regina found them, and they woke up and were lamenting that Rumple had the crystal, couldn’t Henry just use his author power to get the crystal back again? It really didn’t seem like that should be a problem.

When Rumple was pointing out why Henry was an idiot, I was just wincing for poor Rumple. That must be painful considering he’s his grandson, just repeat to yourself Rumple he gets the idiot gene from the Charming’s. Although Neal never really thought things through either.

“Sometimes that boy surprises me.” – Rumple had one shining moment to be a proud Grandpa and then Henry ruined it with his magic speech. I’m surprised the New York authorities didn’t call the cops and send him to the insane asylum. Do you think he was using magic/sway of the true believer to capture their attention? And get the New Yorker’s to make a wish because I don’t see why they would do that otherwise. I was just waiting for them to laugh or heckle him. Although I suppose at the end they thought it was a movie stunt so perhaps that is why they want along with it.

The Heroes and Hypocrisy
I had to laugh a bit about Emma wanting to break the news to Regina gently that Hook was back in the land of the living, when Robin wasn’t just dead but obliterated I don’t think there is any good way to break the news about Hook. Robin was a real hero, he had two children and he didn’t deserve his fate. Hook is a 300 year old supposedly ‘reformed’ serial killer and pirate, who backed out of his plan to murder an entire family and doom the world to darkness at the last second. Hook had his life, Robin’s was just beginning.

“What the bloody hell is the pirate doing here?” – Zelena asks what we are all thinking.

Hook just bursting into the diner because he was worried about Emma, how does that make sense? The bursts of light weren’t coming from the diner. Running in to tell them that it was happening, or because he was scared, I can understand. Trying to cover it with an unbelievable reason? Well I suppose that is just typical Hook.

Regina made some good points. Hook was being stupidly paranoid and Emma was being ridiculous. I get that maybe Emma was worried about Regina, and hopefully feeling guilty (as she should) but what Regina needed was support, faith and Emma once again let her down. The heroes don’t have a good track record with being there when people need them the most.

I also had to laugh at Emma sending Henry home for his own safety. She dragged him down to the underworld, I would have thought that was more dangerous than Storybrooke. Plus, the only reason that made sense for taking him to the underworld, was so that he wouldn’t go off and get into trouble on his own … oh wait a minute they didn’t exactly watch him down there anyway. Being unsupervised Henry leaves town, that must be a hell of a long walk considering there’s no bus service and not likely to be much passing traffic given the town doesn’t exist. Then again he did that trip when he was ten and found Emma in Boston.

The ‘heroes’ do make me mad sometimes. Rumple would never hurt Henry! I really don’t get why they are so worried. Besides they know that Rumple is trying to wake Belle. By trying to stop him, they are dooming a woman who calls them friends and does the utmost to help them, and her innocent unborn child. Hook’s insane paranoia aside, when has Rumple actually done anything against the town or the ‘heroes’ really?

Hook really was crazy paranoid, back to full on ‘crocodile bashing’ the entire episode. When they were locked up by Hyde Hook was blaming Rumple for their problems – again. Rumple wasn’t even there, had nothing to do with them being there, and didn’t even know they were there. It literally had nothing to do with him.

Yes maybe Rumple has a past with Hyde but seeing as he didn’t make Hook and the others cross paths with Hyde, that is hardly his fault. I mean Rumple was the dark one for a couple of hundred years, he has history with almost everyone.

Oh and then there’s the worst part of the episode, the part that underscored how the ‘heroes’ really aren’t worthy of that word. I just couldn’t believe what I was watching. These people call themselves good and then do stuff like that, it’s just beyond the pale. I had very little respect for them before and I have none now. What am I referring to?

Snow saying “Rumplestiltskin is our enemy. He stole magic from our town to wake the women he loves who is pregnant.” – why is that so awful? Because they know why Rumple is doing what he is, it’s not that he wants more power, it’s for love and for family. I kinda would have thought those two statements “Rumple is our enemy” “he’s trying to wake up his family from a sleeping curse” were mutually exclusive because otherwise is Snow an enemy of love and children? It certainly seems that way, at least when it comes to Rumplestiltskin.

Hyde choking Hook out. I like it, another! Seriously, that was a good part. Well that and Zelena saying she could arrange for a return trip to the underworld for the pirate. Really, I think the show and all the characters would be better off without Hook because they have to force the narrative, so that he can exist in the role they insist he has. To be honest the same is true of Zelena, get rid of them both and then maybe the rest of the characters can regain some self respect.

Charming said “this is a bad plan” which showed some common sense for a change. For some bizarre reason I got a flashback to Star Wars and Obi-Wan saying “I have a bad feeling about this” because it just had that kinda vibe.

I wasn’t sure whether to put this in the Henry section or here. However, it’s about hypocrisy. Henry destroys magic because magic is the root of all their problems … then 10 minutes later on learning he had a self-interest in magic’s survival Henry changes his tune. He wanted his family back so they needed to restore the magic he just destroyed. Talk about typical ‘hero’ hypocrisy. What about Rumple’s family? Henry’s baby aunt/uncle and his step-grandmother? They don’t count because they are related to the dark one? Wow, that’s a bit difficult seeing as Emma was the dark one for a while, and so was her boyfriend, maybe they shouldn’t count either – yeah like that would happen.

Destroying Magic
Henry is an idiot for wanting to do this in the first place. However, what was with those books and the grail in the library? I mean how did they get there? Something Merlin did when he was a tree but also visiting Emma as a child? You know they never did explain how that was possible.

I was thinking about the finale this morning, about how it didn’t make sense that they found the holy grail ‘end of magic’ right when they wanted it. Why was it in New York? How had it even got there from the Enchanted Forest? What was with Neal having this quest to destroy magic?

Then it hit me!

Tamara was Neal’s fiance – and she wanted to destroy magic. That was what she thought she was doing when she working for Pan (aka the home office), she thought that was what the mission was.

Given they were together any notes on destroying magic, left in Neal’s apartment, could have been hers. The holy grail in New York, could have been found anywhere in the world, it could have been tossed through by a magic bean by someone in the past terrified that magic could be destroyed. It wound up in New York because that was where Tamara was maybe.

So why did Henry say that Neal had wanted to destroy magic? That Neal had been in New York searching for a way to destroy magic. That sounds pretty irrefutable right? It must have been Neal and Tamara was just a coincidence, weird how they had the same goal but neither of them knew that.

August told Neal about the dark curse, how it brought everyone from their land to this one – the land without magic. The curse didn’t bring magic, that was never on the cards until Rumple threw the true love potion down the well and magic came to Storybrooke. Magic didn’t need to be destroyed, because as far as anyone was aware – there was no magic in the … land WITHOUT magic!

Neal and Henry couldn’t have spent all that much time together. I’m thinking a week or two at the most between arriving back in Storybrooke and Neal getting shot and falling through the portal back to the Enchanted Forest. I know time on the show is kinda fluid and it’s hard to tell, but with how fast stuff seems to happen it might have only been a few days.

Back in the Enchanted Forest Neal (Bae back then) would have searched for a way to destroy magic, because it was magic that had changed his papa. When he got the bean to go to the land without magic, that completed his quest. I know it was ‘canon’ because Henry said it on screen but people do get confused, misinterpret or mis-remember.

If Henry was thinking about destroying magic and then remembered his dad saying that he’d tried the same. It’s not a big leap. His dad meant New York and then the more stuff he found, the more he thought he was right in what he remembered. I don’t know, it’s just a theory.

Continuity Problems
What about the third dark curse? Last time I checked it hadn’t yet been broken. You know Dopey is still being a tree, poor guy. Though aside from forgetting about one of the seven dwarves, important question – how can they cross the town line? Unless they have Rumple’s magic anti-transforming dust, then they should all be trees too. There should be a small forest blocking the road right about now.

Seriously when did the curse break? Is Dopey ok? Who broke it? Inquiring minds want to know!

Next big question – how come Neal’s apartment is still there? Did he own it? I mean who would be paying rent? They all went back to the Enchanted Forest for a year and the apartment sat untouched. Even if Neal had been paying rent by direct debit or something, I doubt he had a years worth, not to mention whatever time has passed since. It’s New York, apartments are expensive, even with rent control.

Plus going to New York for the destroying magic quest is suspiciously convenient. It’s like whenever they need to leave Storybrooke, the only place they need to go is somewhere local like Boston or New York. Handy that, it would have been more of a trek if it was Los Angeles or Hong Kong or London.

Next, how did a guy from Connecticut get to Camelot? I mean seriously land without magic is impossible to get too – oh wait not for anyone else, just Rumple. I mean this was such an unnecessary complication. Couldn’t they have just said her father didn’t leave town because he wouldn’t abandon his daughter? I suppose that would have meant he might have been angry with missing the opportunity, which would put the brakes on Henry’s romance. It would have made more sense though.

Fallen through a portal? Again! That is a close second to the amnesia plot. At least Regina remarked “again” proving the show is occasionally self aware.

Regina and the Evil Queen
Oh my god Regina! Regina! I feel so bad for her and her monologue was just perfect. That is who Regina is and I get that, I wish they would explore that some more. Regina deserves that sort of character development, she went through it in season 2 and 3 and a bit in 4 and then in 5 she became a pod person. All that instant forgiveness of Zelena just wrecked her but maybe I can headcanon it a bit. After all, Zelena’s crimes were similar to hers. Perhaps she was hoping that if Zelena could be forgiven, that she could be forgiven. Not really realizing that you have to want redemption and have to earn it. Regina went on that journey, Zelena never did hers.

When Rumple and Regina talked I hoped she would listen to him a little more. After all she is experiencing what Rumple did after Neverland – the deck is stacked. Rumple died a hero and that act lost him everything, his son (his reason for living really) died as a direct result, Rumple was enslaved and abused for a year and nobody cared.

Emma was just so flat during Regina’s monologue. I swear she used to be more present. Emma just used to seem to radiate energy and emotions. I watch her back in early seasons and she’s just brighter, even in sad scenes, she has really force. However, now she is just so flat the entire time. I have to believe it’s a directing choice because I don’t think there is anything wrong with the actress physically (well I certainly hope not) and I know that Jennifer Morrison is a good actress. I hope whatever phase they are putting Emma through ends soon and she can come back to be herself.

Anyway, at the end when Regina used Hyde’s serum to split herself. I can understand why that would be attractive to her, she would never have to deal with her deeper issues, she would never have to face that it was her that did all those crimes, she could just let it go like it never happened. However, I did roll my eyes a little because killing part of yourself is always a really good plan – sarcasm. Isn’t according to the hero manta killing never the answer? This seems a bit counter-intuitive.

When I saw the Evil Queen crumbling to dust, then ‘returning’ to life I had two thoughts:

1) We saw Zelena surviving being killed by transforming before. She turned into a statue before Rumple stabbed her and then she somehow went in an energy stream to her magic locket before respawning.

I usually try not to think about it because I never liked her coming back to life like that. It felt like such a retcon because watching 4A, knowing Zelena is Marion just doesn’t seem right. She nearly died from the Snow Queen icing her heart – I can’t imagine Zelena not fighting back over that. Anyway, I digress. My point is they have faked us out with a transformation death like that before – it has precedence.

2) Two sides to the coin, two halves of the same soul. Regina and the Evil Queen aren’t two people, they are the same, magic has just split them into two bodies. Therefore, given that they are still connected (being the same person) I would think that you couldn’t kill one without killing both.

Regina crushed the Evil Queen’s heart, but that was using magic to destroy a magical construct. That wasn’t really a heart, because Regina’s heart is still in her chest, so crushing it isn’t going to do anything.The Evil Queen can’t be killed, not physically anyway, not unless Regina dies too because she is both.

I read a fanfic once, I forgot what it was so I can’t link it sorry but Belle accidentally released a genie who was under instructions to kill Regina – it was an unfilled wish. They got it ‘completed’ for him by saying that Regina wasn’t the Evil Queen any longer. That the Queen was dead and Regina herself had killed her by changing. I rather suspect that the show will wind up doing something similar, and the Evil Queen will be ‘killed’ by acceptance.

An Act of True Love
Rumple! The box! I love how it was on the seat next to him in the car, carefully placed on a blanket. He’s taking the best of care with that box, he’s not just throwing it in a bag, he’s treating it like the precious object it contains. I think that’s so sweet.

The one inconsistent part that a few people noticed on tumblr was Rumple choking out the barrier guard. He doesn’t usually do stuff like that because for all that he is the big bad dark one, pointless unnecessary violence was never his thing. It was always in response to provocation and there wasn’t any there. Someone suggested that he didn’t have any money because Henry had stolen it but then he had plenty of money in New York, enough to rent the fancy hotel and to ensure no-one asked questions. There’s more than one kind of power in this world and that was the power of money.

Maybe he didn’t have any money in the car because Henry had stolen it but when he got to New York he hit up a cash point? I don’t know. It was just an odd thing for Rumple to do. It’s like the writers put it in to justify why Emma and Regina were so scared that he was going after Henry, and to maybe make the viewer fear for Henry. However, it didn’t fit Rumple’s character so it was weird. I’m going to just pretend like it didn’t happen because my expression I coined a few episodes back applies – “there’s not enough headcanon in the world to explain that much fail.”

Nobody noticed a purple lightning storm in New York? I have to ask because it was a weird thing, it didn’t look normal. In the days of cellphones, I’m surprised it wasn’t all over YouTube in seconds and that CNN wasn’t crawling all over the scene.

When I saw the promo pictures for this episode I might have got my hopes up a little bit. I should have known better but I really want Regina and Rumple to team up. I think that would be awesome at it, and make a much better team than the ‘heroes’ at dispatching whatever threatens Storybrooke. They both are a little more flexible in their methods (or at least they should be) and they know how to get things done. I have always said I think villains make the best heroes.

That didn’t happen and that was sad. Regina was playing him, at least Rumple knew that all along because otherwise he might have been hurt. The relationship between Rumple and Regina is complex, they have been friends, mentor and student, enemies and everything in between. I like to think that there is a bit of mutual admiration, plus Rumple knows Regina better than anyone else, certainly better than Emma. He proved that by knowing that she wasn’t going to turn back into the Evil Queen due to Robin’s death, Emma didn’t have that kind of faith.

Plus Rumple understands the nature of the darkness, because of that he will always understand Regina better than anyone else, unless they too have been there. Rumple talked again about the nature of light and dark and he was absolutely right. Then they went from that conversation to the dragon, and the dragon judging him – just seeing him full of darkness. It’s about to make me want to throw something. No-one ever sees the good in Rumple, not even Belle anymore but there is so much good.

Everything he did in 5B was for the good of his family. Considering his heart was scrubbed by the apprentice and Rumple hasn’t really done many evil deeds since, I would have thought his heart would have been in better shape than the ‘heroes’ but the writers seem determined that if they say Rumple is evil enough then it will make it true – it won’t.

At the end of the episode when Hyde appeared to claim Storybrooke I can just picture Rumple sniggering. Giving the heroes something to do by sending another villain of the week – Hyde – for them to defeat. Hopefully Hyde gave Rumple what he needed to wake Belle and why shouldn’t the heroes stew in a mess of their own making?

They gave Rumple absolutely no support, even though he was trying to help Belle (who is supposedly their friend, and who is also pregnant) and so why should Rumple help them? I just know that the ‘heroes’ will blame Rumple for whatever Hyde does and it’s just so not fair. They never take responsibility for their actions, always finding some exuse, but Rumple is to blame for every bad thing that he even indirectly might have had a hand in. Everyone should their own mistakes before casting stones at others.

Episode Conclusion
I can’t seem to watch an episode without making at least one Stargate reference. Today’s was the observation that portals allow for two-way travel. Guess they aren’t like wormholes then.

The ‘heroes’ stole Gold’s car! They didn’t know for sure that Rumple had gone through the portal to Belle, and even if they think that, they aren’t exactly giving him any credit for it. They went after him because he took the power, and they feared he would use it against them. However, Rumple left all that power to leap into the unknown for Belle, thus that should have proved forevermore what his motivations were but no he is still evil in their eyes. Besides, they didn’t care whether Rumple and Belle made it out of the underworld, so why would they care if they stranded them in New York?

It’s just heartless and it just proves that the ‘heroes’ only care about themselves and the people they call their own – screw everyone else. That isn’t what heroes are supposed to be about, they are supposed to stand for everyone, not just the chosen few. Maybe the Charmings should have read Belle’s book, they might learn a thing or two about compassion, a true trait of a hero.

Then there was more CaptainSwan sucking face – so unnecessary. Although I do remember my very first fandom – Without a Trace. I shipped Jack and Sam together, the alternate ship was Martin and Sam. Both ships had their time on the show. The relationship scene for Jack and Sam was them laying together on top of the bed, fully clothed, doing a crossword puzzle. The scene for Martin and Sam was them having sex. Maybe CaptainSwan have to be shown to be physical the whole time because that’s all they have, they don’t have an emotional connection, they don’t have a love that is comfortable.

So really the constant physical displays of affection prove how immature and shallow their relationship is. Although it hurts, totally burns that they get an “I love you” and all the other ships just get screwed except for Snowing which has nothing happen since we saw how they fell in love – they got their happy ever after and then boom no development. I never shipped OutlawQueen but Robin has been obliterated so that is over and Regina is alone – having lost love again. It’s not fair and it’s detrimental to the show in general to play favorites like that because it undermines everything – including CaptainSwan.

Season Five is Over
I had high hopes for season five. I discovered the show just last summer and I binge watched the first four seasons. I have watched season five every week, usually on the day netflix put the episode online. It hasn’t been a good season.

I wrote at the end of 5A, before 5B started that I was concerned about the underworld arc. Well none of my concerns were negated, in fact it turned out even worse than I feared. I have made comments about the show that I thought I would never make. I have said that watching feels like slipping into an alternate reality where nothing makes sense, because it certainly feels that way. There is not enough headcanon in the world to explain that much fail.

However, that doesn’t mean the show doesn’t have it’s good points. The writers can write excellent lines, they just can’t string them together to make a coherent and compelling plot. Honestly, when they forgot their own prop from three episodes earlier (the chisel, not Hook’s hook for engraving the names on the stones) I knew that the show had hit a new low. Anyway, we’re supposed to be talking about the good.

One thing the show excels at are the sets.

Back to when I first started watching last summer. I put the pilot episode on, just intending to check it out and then move onto trying out the next show on the list. Well, the show had barely been on a minute and my jaw had already dropped – the production values! Charming with his cape, on that horse with the narrow path in the lake – it was breathtaking. Then there was the true loves kiss, the interrupted wedding, it was just gorgeous to watch, never mind anything else.

So yeah, I watched another two episodes that evening and my fate was sealed. For once it wasn’t a character that provided the initial hook, it was the show itself. I was reminded of that with the finale. The land of untold stories looked incredible, there really isn’t any other show on TV (that I know about) that has sets like that.

I think I will always watch this show just for how amazing and inspiring it looks. The sets, the wardrobe department, just everything, it’s really well done. Plus I do love Rumple, Regina etc. for all that they have been sorely abused by the writers this season.

Season Six is Coming
The Evil Queen has returned and is going to be a big bad. There’s also Mr Hyde attempting to takeover Storybrooke, plus whoever he brought over with him. They will be the antagonists of 6A. Although given that ABC have rearranged the schedule, there won’t be such an epic long hiatus in the middle of the shows run.

Therefore they might (hopefully) abandon the idea of a 6A and 6B and instead do a coherent plotline throughout the whole season. That could be good for going more indepth, or it could be terrible because they will have even longer to meander and forget things before the conclusion.

Regardless Rumple will have to wake Belle somehow. I hope Belle is mad as hell at her father for refusing to help her. I know that he would have tried to wake her if Rumple had agreed with his demands but he is her father, he should help her no questions asked. Besides, by placing a condition on his help he was disrespecting Belle and her choices. It wasn’t his place to try and banish Rumple forever.

I really hope that Rumple and Belle have some time to themselves, and they get a chance to talk over their issues. With how the sleeping curse forces people to relive their lives, I’m hoping Belle has gained some perspective and maybe they will be in a better place for their reconciliation. I want to see their baby, find out of it’s a boy or girl and know what they name it. Rumple as a dad again will be great, if they allow him to do it. He defined himself as a father first for so long, I bet he’d be dad of the year but no-one would believe it.

The show have said that we will be back in Storybrooke for season 6, rather than jetting off somewhere new. I take what they say in interviews with a pinch of salt because they have out and out lied on more than one occasion. However, staying in Storybrooke would be cheaper from a production standpoint and so I can believe it. I would like to see more of the land of untold stories – it looked incredible – but pretty visuals aren’t a replacement for good plot or character development. So I’d rather they stayed in Storybrooke and concentrated on the main cast really.

I hope Emma regains her sense of self, she really is not looking well. Ideally I would like Hook to either improve and become the man that he claims he is, or just disappear but that is never going to happen. It’s like Agents of Shield, Skye (or Daisy now) makes all the other characters act OOC because she is supposedly so amazing (even though she’s not) and it completely wrecks the show sometimes. However, she’s the darling favorite and is protected, nothing bad will ever happen to her, every season the plot will revolve around her – she’s the star. To be honest they are treating Hook like that on Once Upon a Time, even though really if anyone should have that role it should be Emma. Ideally no-one should have it, it’s not exactly mandatory.

Anyway, I’m going to close this post out because it’s just tipped over 6k and my hands are tired. In summary season five was not great, there were some good scenes, some great lines but all together the plot was lousy. I hope season six is better and until then, there is always fanfic.