All Magic Comes With a Price

Episode two, season five was put up on Netflix last night. It was entitled – The Price and the episode surrounded the price of magic. Both for previous events and for events that are yet to come.

I don’t entirely know what to say above the cut because of spoilers. Perhaps I could make a confession, it’s unusual for me to watch shows live. I usually binge watch because I have the DVD, waiting each week for the next episode is a little bit torturous.

Just randomly, I’m actually dictating this post using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I usually type, and I have to say this is really weird, it’s almost a different process like my brain and my mouth aren’t connected the same as my brain and my hands. I have a shoulder injury at the moment which makes typing painful. If it isn’t fixed by next month then this will be good practice for NanNoWriMo.

I think I’ve rambled on long enough now. As always, consider this a warning of spoilers under the cut.


Good versus Evil
I don’t think anyone in the show has changed quite as much as Regina. We have seen her evolution from innocent young girl, who was almost certainly emotionally abused if nothing else by her mother. Thanks to her mother forcing her into a life she didn’t want, not to mention murdering her fiance before her eyes, plus Rumpelstiltskin’s influence turning her into his monster to cast his curse, she became the Evil Queen.

It has been said by a few characters on the show, that Regina always looks for someone to blame and never takes responsibility. I’m not giving her a free pass but we only have to look at her mother, the deck was stacked against her from the beginning. Back in season one she was very much still the Evil Queen. Thanks to her love for Henry she turned into a hero, one powerful enough with light magic to defeat Zelena at the end of season three.

Now, she’s come even further. To quote Grumpy “if anyone is going to save this town, it’s going to be you.” Regina said in Camelot that she was the savior. Thanks to her actions in last night’s episode, she could now be considered the savior of Storybrooke.

Last night, Regina was faced with a crisis of confidence. She was caught between who she had once been -the Evil Queen, and who she wanted and indeed needed to be – a hero, the savior. In her own words the townspeople may have forgiven her, or at least agreed to let her past actions go, but that didn’t mean they were going to trust her to save them. In fact Regina felt that no one trusted her to save them, she wasn’t even sure she trusted herself.

What I liked best about Regina’s transition as shown last night, is that she’s still the same person. She might be making different choices now but she hasn’t had a personality transplant. This was clearly demonstrated when Regina used the dagger against Emma. It wasn’t meant maliciously, not even when she told her to shut up, but Regina still took a degree of pleasure in the power it gave her.

Another really great moment that demonstrated Regina’s evolution was the wardrobe change scene. Snow White noted that a sensible pants suit wasn’t appropriate attire for a ball, and Regina used magic to change into an Evil Queen gown, before changing again to something more innocent looking. It almost looked like she went back to the days before she was the Evil Queen. I also loved Prince Charming showing Regina how to dance (although I think her issue with that is that she was likely trying to lead), as there seemed to be clear friendship between them all, funny given how a few years ago Regina’s happy ending looked like Snow White’s head on a plate.

Oh and I can’t forget to mention the scene in the ballroom with Percival. He knew of her past and tried to kill her, Robin got in the way, and best of all Prince Charming came over and slayed him with his sword. This had repercussions because King Arthur then became aware of Regina’s past. Perhaps guided by Merlin’s prophecies, he stated that Camelot was a place for second chances and it didn’t matter who she once was only who she was now. Whether he would have said that if he’d known that she wasn’t really the savior I’m not sure.

Regina’s magic couldn’t heal Robin’s wound so Emma had to step forward and help. This is what tied the flashback events to the present day events in Storybrooke, because of the price of magic. Using magic tapped into the Dark One’s powers and her hand turned golden and glittery, something none of the other characters noticed at the time.

What I didn’t realize last week is that there is a new curse. Quite how that worked with Storybrooke already existing I’m not sure, but then I suppose the curse on Storybrooke was broken. The citizens of Camelot have now been brought over and everyone who was in the Enchanted Forest have lost the memories of the last six weeks. Amnesia seems to be a popular trope for the writers, I’m not sure how many times this makes it but it’s getting a little irritating. Although I can see why it is convenient, because of the storytelling method with the flashbacks.

One last thing, the end scene defeating the black evil fury fairy thing. Did anyone else get flashbacks to the end of Guardians of the Galaxy? It was a very cool moment, showing Regina that some people had faith in her. Oh and then there was the end montage scene, where Regina restored Sneezy to human form from stone statue. I loved how she did that so casually, like it was nothing, but if it was that easy why didn’t she do it before? Oh and best not forget the exchange between sisters, Regina silencing Zelena and saying she could be her mute handmaiden.

I really could probably go on all day about Regina, she is my second favorite character. However, it’s not all rosy for my absolute favorite.

While you were sleeping
Rumpelstiltskin is still in a coma, which at least means he’s not dead. It’s been six weeks so I’m guessing the apprentices stasis spell is still going strong as he hasn’t died from dehydration. It’s nice to see that now Belle is back in Storybrooke she is spending her time in the shop with him. It’s always weird to see Belle and Hook be civil to one another, given Hook tried to kill her twice.

Hook asked Belle about true love’s kiss which I suppose was awesome for CaptainSwan fans. Not all love is true love so Hook must really love Emma, and believe that she loves him that much to. However, this moment wasn’t as awesome for RumBelle fans because Belle stated once again that Rumpelstiltskin chose power over her, over their love. I have always believed that it was more complicated than that, but I suppose the show doesn’t have time to get into that.

I did love that Belle had the enchanted rose with her at the ball, unwilling to let it out of her sight. Although as I said in last week’s post, how she would get back to the Enchanted Forest in a hurry I don’t know.

Robert Carlyle is still getting screen time as the physical manifestation of the darkness. His performance as the Imp is always awesome but it’s not the character Rumpelstiltskin, with his many layers, that is my favorite. I suppose it is likely that character development Rumpelstiltskin, and hopefully fixing of the Rumpelstiltskin/Belle relationship, will have to wait until he’s out of the coma.

My theory is that this Camelot arc, and Dark Swan arc, will end within 10 episodes for the mid-season. They’ve already confirmed that, so that the hundredth episode will be the start of the next story arc. Therefore I believe the Rumpelstiltskin won’t wake until then when he becomes the Dark One once more as the writers won’t leave Emma as the Dark One. I very much doubt that the darkness can be destroyed, because without darkness there can be no light, there can be no balance. If someone has to take one for the team and contain the darkness, who better than the man who did so successfully for three centuries?

Although, that being said, it will be an interesting story arc to briefly investigate what would happen to Rumpelstiltskin if he didn’t have magic. Without magic he would feel very vulnerable, he would feel like the powerless spinner who couldn’t even save his son. I wouldn’t want this long-term but for a few episodes it would be interesting.

I wonder what that tree thing is all about. My first thought about Merlin being in the tree, was that it was an enchanted tree, and that was how he got to the land without magic. That might still be the case but given the curse turned Dopey into a tree when he crossed the town line, perhaps Merlin got turned into a tree after he returned from the land without magic.

Then there’s Henry and his ‘first crush’, I thought it was so sweet when Prince Charming went over and gave him advice. Then when Regina said who is that talking with my son, right on point for both characters. Plus how awesome that he got an MP3 player to say thank you for saving our lives.

Then there’s Excalibur. Actually rather than entitle this conclusion, I should probably say random thoughts. I love this twist and I really can’t wait to see how it plays through, especially now Emma has the sword in the stone.

I suppose that I should really mention Hook walking away from Emma. He was a villain once and has chosen to be a hero, he’s not even willing to go back on that for the woman he loves. Even if he still chose pirate clothes for the ball.

As always I can’t wait for next week!