Agents of Shield Wishlist

I could have entitled this post “I have no idea what to write” as I really struggled to think of anything at all. In fact I didn’t think of anything, I did what any sensible person would do when they are really stuck, I asked my friend. Who is probably getting a little fed up of having to help me think of blog topics, and it’s only day 11, this is serious.

Anyway, they suggested writing about what I hoped would happen in this season, season two, of Agents of Shield. I am completely spoiler free for this show, not by choice but just because I don’t know anywhere that gives out spoilers. I have seen the first two episodes and I have no idea what’s coming up next.

So what do I hope will happen this season? I better put it under a cut just in case.

Lets get the obvious stuff out of the way first. I want Simmons to return as a character in her own right, not just as a hallucination of Fitz’s. I want Fitz to get better but I want his recovery to make sense. If it’s sudden then it’s because of some alien technology, then that’s ok but he can’t supposedly recover normally and then snap he’s back to normal. I can’t decide if I want Fitz and Simmons to get together or not. Fitz loves her and Simmons loves him, but I don’t think she loves him romantically. I always saw them more as brother/sister, best friends, rather than a romantic pairing. There is bound to be drama and hurt feelings but I want their friendship to survive, and if it naturally evolves to romance then so long as it makes sense then that’s fine too.

Coulson and the mystery of those symbols. His resurrection was never fully explained in that we still don’t know for sure what that blue alien was. The common belief is that it was a kree but until it’s confirmed that’s just speculation. I want whatever it was to link in with Guardian’s of the Galaxy. I said this in my post about episode 2, that the GotG film is still very much on the outside of the MCU. I don’t know what those symbols are but it has to lead them to the Nova Corps, to the Guardians. Agents of Shield can fulfill it’s potential in tying together the different films, linking them, continuing from them and building towards them.

In Agents of Shield the world is now aware that we are not alone in the galaxy. Aliens attacking New York is kinda hard to miss. However, the┬áchitauri are the only aliens that the man on the street knows about. It’s possible given Thor’s presence that the Asgard may have been revealed to the media. I’m not sure we have confirmation on that one way or another. Although given Thor’s fight with┬áMalekith in London I’d think it was a safe bet.

It’s too bad that Marvel no longer has the rights to the Fantastic Four. As they could have rebooted them into the franchise by having them part of an exploratory space mission. Obviously they would be the only ones exposed to the cosmic rays but Earth would have to be pretty interested in space, given all the aliens visiting us.

That was just a random thought but anyway back to what I want to see in Agent’s of Shield. Clearly they are building up Skye’s story to be huge again, with her dad now a big bad and the big mystery surrounding her 084 status. I’m guessing her dad isn’t human, as I suspect he had some control over the obelisk so it didn’t kill Raina. It’s possible that he is the link to the GotG film, maybe he’s Spartoi like Peter Quill’s dad is, or he could be a Kree, not pure obviously as he isn’t blue but one of the more durable ‘pink’ ones. I really don’t want this to be a big deal but it’s going to be.

I want Agent May to get some good screen time. She’s watching over Coulson, and that’s good, I like Coulson getting screen time too. However, while I like Trip and the new merc Hunter, I want May to remain the action hero. She deserves a storyline as well as being the kick-ass agent. I think it’s about time we found out more about the blown mission that sent ‘The Cavalry’ running to administration. Ward once gave some sort of recount of it but from what Coulson said afterwards he didn’t have the full picture.

I want there to be some sort of mention about Coulson not being dead. Wait I realise that doesn’t make sense but Coulson is the new Director of Shield. Forget everything he did for the few months he was running the team, he is now The Man. How can The Avengers still believe him dead? Agents Barton and Romanoff would surely know otherwise, just like Natasha knows Nick Fury isn’t really dead. If they didn’t already know before now, naming Coulson as Director surely means they have to find out? I would like one conversation, a few off hand comments, where Coulson acknowledges this, perhaps some kind of humorous comment about Stark’s reaction. It needs addressing either way.

Oh and I know they are all hidden, they have gone dark, they are off the grid etc. but they are still human. It might be really interesting if one of them tried to have a relationship outside Shield, dealing with the fact that they can’t tell anyone who they are, explain what their job really is. Obviously it couldn’t be a big storyline, just a little subplot, something a character could mention while on a walkaway scene every couple of episodes. I wouldn’t want the show to go into any detail, it’s not that kind of show, but like I said they aren’t robots, it might make the show seem a little more real.

I want Ward to get what’s coming to him. Maybe he could be a present for Talbot but I don’t want to see him redeemed, not after what he did to Fitz and Simmons. Not to mention his obsession with Skye makes her the center of attention yet again. I think that he’s going to be kept hanging around to give information for a while, maybe May will shoot him, although I suppose Skye could shoot him, just so long as it’s over.

Agents of Shield is going to end season 2 right before Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. I really want to see some build-up towards this film, maybe they raid some Hydra bases and we learn more about the ‘Age of Miracles’ as Fox are annoying ***** and won’t even allow Marvel to use the term mutants, for their own damn work.

I do like this show a lot. I would recommend it to anyone, I would just suggest starting watching from the episodes after The Winter Soldier. It turns into a different, much better show, and I’m sure that a lot of people got put off by the earlier episodes. I hope that more can be persuaded to give it a second look and realize how awesome it is now. What I want more than anything from season 2, is that it does well enough that it gets renewed for season 3.