NaBloPoMo – October Experiment

I blogged more in September than I have in a while and I only wrote six posts. However, most of those fell at the end of the month so when my friend asked me “what are you doing?” and I said “writing a blog post”, it seemed like I was doing it a lot. They asked me whether writing a blog post helped me with my main goal of writing fiction. I didn’t know what the answer was. I think I said something about it at minimum being good practice for NaNo, as the typing would exercise my hands.

However, I thought about this last night, so yes this is very much a spur of the moment idea, and I wondered if maybe it would help with writing generally. It’s NaNo next month, my favourite time of year, and as I do every year I hope that I will turn a corner. I want to write, I need to make time to write, I need to make myself write even when I don’t want to. I won’t get anywhere if I don’t.

In the past I once started a fanfiction to ‘warm-up’ for NaNo, as I hadn’t written since the previous November. That fanfic got abandoned at October’s end and hasn’t been touched since which I hate, I don’t like leaving things unfinished. How about a different way to ‘warm-up’? If I make time to blog everyday then it’ll be good practice. It’ll also force my brain to actually think, something it needs help with.

I have a blogpost I was holding in reserve. As once I got a few ideas, and updated a lot, I thought that I should slow down, pace the updates a little better, so that they wouldn’t all get used up and then this blog turn into a ghost town again. However, the challenge is to “blog everyday”, not “write multiple posts in one day, save them up and post them each day”. Although admittedly the latter is usually how I approach NaNo. I get a good headstart, then I take a couple of days off, then I write some more, then I take a week off, then I have manic catchup days etc. which isn’t a good way to write. Routine would be better, a commitment every single day to making progress. So I won’t hold that blogpost in reserve. This mini-post will count as today’s entry, and the larger full entry will just get posted.

30 more days left in October, 30 posts. That will certainly give my brain something to think about, especially as half the reason this blog has been so quiet for a while is lack of post ideas. Still it’s an experiment, we’ll see how well it works.