Mists Madness

I’ve always been rubbish at waiting for things. I’m impatient and I want it now not later. So waiting for the clock to strike midnight on the server is getting increasingly difficult. However, there is nothing to do but wait, and plot future actions, and then wait some more. Waiting is insanity inducing as you get crazy, or at least I do. The closer it gets to the deadline the harder it is to concentrate on anything, and then the crazier you get as doing nothing makes the time pass even slower.

Between waiting for The Avengers last Monday and Mists this Monday I’m getting familiar with this type of craziness.

So what do you do?
Like I said you plot actions. When the clock strikes midnight on the server what is the first thing to do? What’s the first 10 actions that you will take? Unable to actually perform them you can get quite far along with the list.

1) Roll my monk – I have the name all reserved and the customization options in mind. All I need to do is delete the placeholder and create the monk.
2) Don’t forget to deactivate addons – Everytime I create a new character I always forget to do this and then it creates a big mess on my screen. I will set the ui up for this later but not straight away.
3) Level to 99% of level 1 – Hopefully this won’t be a problem as if I group with the level 80 then it should only give me 1xp for those last few tricky percent.
4) Log the characters to grant the levels – I’ll start off with the level 5, then the two level 80’s. Worst thing that can happen is I have an extra level, I don’t want to get to level 78 or something and run out.
5) Invite the monk to guild – I gave my second account 80 guild master of my bank guild, just so they could give it to my monk.
5) Portal the monk to Stormwind – If I group with the level 80, then relog to the mage, create the portal, and then relog I should be able to use the portal. If not I’ll have to run to Ironforge and get the tram.
6) Visit the bank – I need to get the gold out that I left there, and the bags. Then as many enchanting supplies as I can reasonably carry.
7) Go train skills – On the way through Old Town I’ll train skinning. Then I’ll get my mount training and then I can fly to the enchanting trainer. Train as high up on enchanting as I can with what I could carry, then go and get the next lot of mats. Rinse and repeat until I’m at 425. I do have some cata mats but I will wait to read the updated 600 guide before going there.
8) Do the guild shuffle – Give guild master back to the second account and quit guild, relog to the mage and give that back the bank. Then relog back to the monk, relog on the second account to the one in my proper guild and invite my monk. Job done.
9) See if the blizz site is running – I’ve heard that they shut it down on expansion nights due to the traffic. If that’s so then I’ll wait to initiate the race change of my warrior, otherwise I’ll do that now. The same with my second paladin to faction change.
10) Log to my paladin and head to Pandaria – time to start questing and levelling that main. I’m hoping given how much I’ve thought about what to do with the monk it will just be like running through the numbers. That way it won’t take a long time to do and I can get some playtime on my main before I’m too tired.

So really I haven’t thought about this at all. Do you have a list? Maybe not a written out one like that, I only wrote it out for this post, though I suppose a checklist is kinda handy.

What do you do in the meantime?
There’s some prep work to do before the fun stuff starts:
1) Check addons are at the most updated version – I’m hoping as the Mists stuff is already loaded that there won’t be any issues. In fact I’m almost tempted not to update a couple, as the last time I updated Rarity (which had been working fine) it broke it for three days, until they released another update. I’ll have a look and see what’s got new versions and what hasn’t.
2) Clean house – If you haven’t done so already take a look at what your characters are carrying and what’s in the bank. I did this a couple of days ago and I freed up a lot of room on my main. Previously I’d been running around with just one empty 20 slot bag, as I had two bags full of stuff, plus my offspec gear. Well gear is kinda useless now so I vendored what I didn’t need, or want to keep for transmog, or sentimental purposes. Also cleared out my bank, put the transmog stuff in void storage. Made space basically.
3) Get characters in the places where you want them – I have the three characters on my second account sitting in Tinkertown waiting for my monk. I will be moving my mage there soon for portal duty. However, I’ve just remembered that I put some stuff in my mages bank, as it’s my banker, but that needs to be accessible to the monk so I need to shift some stuff about first. I will leave my paladin at the palace in Stormwind waiting for the quest, along with everyone else probably.
4) If you’re race/faction changing make you you’re ready – A race change isn’t a big deal as if that character needs something you can send it later. Changing factions cuts off that character from all your resources. I’ve given that pally bags and I will transfer some gold. That should be enough. I don’t want to play that high level, I want to get loremaster and see the other half of the game.

That’s in game but what else?
Well looking at the timer I’ve got running there’s 8 hours and 22 minutes till it drops. Have to fill the time somehow. This is going to be highly personal but what I’m going to do is:
1) Log into the game – There was talk of maybe running Sunwell today. We were supposed to go yesterday but there was a scheduling conflict. If that can happen that would be fun. Either way I need to do a little of the prep work above.
2) Work on the guild site/forum – I did sign up with wowstead and man that has one of the most irritating ui I’ve seen. I can’t get it to do anything I want it too. So in frustration I’ve decided to opt instead for a WordPress/vBulletin combo. I’ll need to do something else for the recruitment form unless WordPress has an addon for that too. So far I’ve got widgets for progress and recruitment status, which is pretty cool. Best of all this is free, so was wowstead but this is free and understandable. Buying an owned vBulletin licence all those years ago continues to pay dividends.
3) All else fails watch a movie – I watched the first Iron Man earlier while doing the ironing, which actually reads kinda funny. So if I can’t concentrate on doing anything productive I’ll just lose myself in a Marvel film. Maybe I’ll watch The Avengers again.

So are you ready?
Are you? Are you prepared? You are not prepared. Heh couldn’t resist. Oh don’t forget to tune into the YouTube digital launch event, that could pass some time.