Second pair at 80

My second pair, a warlock and a druid, are now at level 80. I got there faster than I thought I was going too. Patch 5.0.4 dropped on Wednesday and I was about 3/4 of the way through level 74 at the time. Anyway, I logged in on Friday morning intending to get it to perhaps level 76. I wanted to tank a dungeon on my paladin, but I hate pure pugging, so I was waiting till some guildmates come online. Anyway I started levelling and before I knew it I was level 76 and so I kept going and by lunchtime I was level 80.

Now I’ve not seen any announcement, or a datamined report, that the Wrath xp has been nerfed but it must have been. I know that the Cata xp was nerfed this patch so maybe they just extended that a little. Either way comparing the two isn’t very fair now. However, I didn’t have Have Group Will Travel which did mean more travelling time, on the other hand I had the benefit of aoe loot.

Anyway the /played time was 1 day and 5 hours. I did make a couple of adjustments to when I hit certain dungeons, and I added a few dungeons in. All told I felt it went a little easier this time round with the benefit of experience. There are certain bosses which killed my boosting characters every single time though.

I have all the enchanting mats up to 425 ready, and some cata mats. I need to work on getting more of those. I also have a lot of cloth left over. I have a fair bit of low level cloth already that I know is excess. Hopefully I’ll be able to make a little on this in Mists with the rerollers. Failing that hopefully I’ll be able to help my friends.

The only question now is now what? I can’t get on with other faction stuff, as I can’t faction change the second paladin until after Mists. Given that the xp nerf was applied in 5.0.4 I could level the warlock to 85. I’m pretty sick of Cata levelling so I might not, it depends what I feel like. I won’t be boosting any more pairs, though I have another seven weeks I think of RaF left. I’m ready for Mists basically. The achievement nut in me doesn’t like that none of my bars are fully green anymore, what’s worse is I can’t even go after all the new achievements yet to make them green. Oh how you torment me blizz. Hopefully the pre-expansion events will be more, than just one scenario in the last week before Mists, so I can get on with that in the month that’s left.