Thoughts on Diablo 3

This post coming right after the one about not having enough time to play swtor is strange I know. After all adding in another game isn’t exactly going to give me more time. However, I got Diablo 3 for free because of my warcraft annual pass and so I was always going to try it. It didn’t cost me anything so why not? So far I’ve just finished Act 1, I’ve entered the Act 2 area and wandered around some but that’s as far as I’ve got.

What I like about it
My biggest problem with swtor is that I don’t know anyone who plays. It’s basically a single player game for me, a really fun single player game but it can get kind of lonely playing. I like being able to chat to people while I play, talk about what I’m working on in game or even about the latest movie release. You can share accomplishments, set up events to do later, and just generally be social. It’s probably what I love about warcraft the most. There have been complaints that it’s a single player game and so you shouldn’t have to be connected to the servers. These complaints were probably because of all the login issues and people not being able to play it on launch day. Aside from the fact that this would remove the chat panel there is a multiplayer option. I’ve not used it yet as I’ve not been the right level to join any of my friends but it’ll undoubtedly be something we use when the difficulty level progresses.

– Achievements
A big part of what keeps me logging into warcraft is the achievement system. I’m a completionist and I want to get them all. There’s always something to be working on. Diablo 3 has achievements, as I’m new to the game and haven’t yet checked out the counterpart to wowhead I don’t know how they are achieved. There are a lot split into Acts and I think as I missed some on the Act 1 I’ll have to get them when the difficulty resets. I hope that’s possible, and that if I complete something on a harder mode it automatically awards the achievement for normal, like it does in warcraft with heroic.

– Town Teleport
Inventory full? No problem just use the teleport, go back and sell stuff, and then jump back and you’re right where you started. Oh how I could use this in warcraft, it would be so useful. Although in warcraft there are other options, it’s just they all have cd’s and this is a ‘use whenever you like’ and it’s very handy.

What I don’t like
Act 1 darkness
I’ve never been a fan of dark zones. I know that the darkness is supposed to make them creepy or something but I like to see where I’m going. I don’t feel immersed in the game as I’m experiencing the same blindness as my character, I feel more annoyed. Thankfully Act 2 seems to be set in the desert and is nice and sunny, if the whole game had been dark I would have quit and not returned. As it is there are still caves and cellars and other lairs that are dark that have to be investigated. Would it hurt to turn on the light?

I don’t understand them. Are the ones you earn later more powerful than the ones you start with? What ones should I be using? I really just don’t get the system at all. I suppose I should google and find out but the whole thing is very alien and I just don’t know where to begin. I also don’t understand the items and what makes some better than others. Where is the armor value better than a blue added stats? I just don’t get it at all. It’s not exactly intuitive but then neither was warcraft probably. I don’t remember it being this confusing and unknown but it likely was. Also, which follower should I have? In swtor you have companions and this seems very similar to that. In swtor I used the first one I got as I’d grown attached to them. I’ve kept the Templar around for the same reason but is that the best way to go about it?

Map quests
I think part of Diablo is the whole exploring part. The going places, and finding those events that I missed, while you’re searching for whatever your aim is. However, some clue, some arrow or something would be nice. Not to actually be able to go there quicker, but to stay away from there until I’ve gone everywhere else. Sometimes there’s an arrow or a little flashing circle and sometimes there isn’t, there doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason as to when it shows up or not.

I’m confused pretty much the whole time I’m playing. I get over this by running about and clicking like an idiot until all the mobs are dead. I pick things up and hope that I’m equipping/vendoring the right ones and I continue on. This game has very little variety in it. It’s go and bash demons over and over until you get bored and log out. I know most quests are go kill stuff but this just seems like nothing but. I think it’s got the potential to be a fun diversion when I feel like doing something different but I don’t see myself playing it in the future as much as I have the last few days. After all when something is new, it’s shiny and exciting. The real test is whether it can keep you when the shine gets tarnished. For now I’m withholding judgement on that.

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  1. Hey there Diablo fans… I have recently bought Diablo 3 and iv installed on to my SONY VAIO… Its not running well (Unless i turn the specs down to there bear minimum) at all. So what kind of computer would you suggest buying?.

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