Legacy Disappointments

There’s a lot I like about swtor and one of the parts I really like are class quests so I’m an altoholic in this game. The part about patch 1.2 that I was most interested in seeing was the expansion of the legacy system. Unfortunately it isn’t all I hoped it would be. I don’t like negative posts so this isn’t just a rant, promise. Also, this is three days late but better late than never right?

Family Tree
The legacy is obviously account bound and it’s also server bound as well. Why then do you have to login to each individual character in order to see it on the family tree? There’s the box on the bottom left of the legacy screen where the character panes go, why didn’t they appear automatically? I’m tempted to class that as a bug as surely that can’t be working as intended. Next thing is the relationships which seem to be more open than what I expected. Different races can be siblings, spouses, parents etc. so that’s good. However, there’s some sort of limit on how many relationships with people one character can have. I gave my bounty hunter two siblings and a father (you can’t link both parents) and then tried to give him an ally but the only options were children until I removed a sibling. Now to me family trees are less like trees and more like tangled webs and I don’t really think that it’s unreasonable to want to sort it out like that.

Swtor obviously decided that they needed a credit sink. So rewards earnt by reaching certain legacy levels get unlocked but then (should you want them) have to be purchased with a bucket load of credits. Now people that raced to max level might have a bucket load of credits but I’ve been taking my time and playing alts (also means I’m missing out on free 30 days playtime) so I’m probably getting more legacy levels than those max level players. However, I’m not getting the credits so all those rewards that I can unlock might as well not be there as I don’t have the credits to access them. I understand gating game changing items like ship mailboxes etc. but there’s a gate and there’s a complete road block. I might be able too, in time, save up the one million credits necessary to unlock just one of the rewards. I know that I shouldn’t expect these things to just be available and that you have to work for them. However, I think that the working for them part should be the legacy levels, not an artificial gating with credits.

More to it
I don’t know what I expected and I suppose that that is the problem I expected something. Therefore I set myself up for disappointment. They say that’s what was the problem with swtor’s launch, people got over excited and then the reality couldn’t live up to what their subconscious was hoping for. I just think that swtor have something special here and I just hate to feel disappointed with what could be such an amazing feature.