Swtor wishlist

Given that swtor is still a very new game, and consequently that neither I or anyone has been playing it that long, it’s not really fair to have a wishlist. After all, it’s not really had time to refine itself the way warcraft has so it seems a bit mean. Then again it still is refining itself so a list of what I’d like to see on swtor’s to do list isn’t out of line.

I’m torn between liking that there’s no LFG system and despairing that there isn’t. There’s no getting round it LFG is convenient and convenience is well, convenient. When you log on and want to do a flashpoint you don’t have to spam for a group and look for different roles and waste a lot of time. With LFG you press a button and then get on with something else until it pops. In a way not having an LFG makes swtor like a burning crusade warcraft. I never played that but I’ve heard a lot of people looking through rose tinted spectacles at it. I’m not saying it wasn’t good but I don’t think it was all that people make out that it was.

People said that LFG destroyed warcraft’s community. I can’t really comment on that as I never played during the burning crusade era. However, if swtor is burning crusade like in terms of that then I definitely don’t think it’s all that. Maybe the world has changed I don’t know but either way I don’t really see much community worth keeping. Maybe don’t implement a pure LFG straight away, perhaps have a channel or a better listing service that is global. That way you don’t have to hang around the fleet or hope that the people on the planet want a break from questing. Either way I’d love to see something done that makes it easier to get groups together.

Guild Finder
A bit related to the one above. I know warcraft’s guild finder has never had much success (if any at all) but maybe it could work in swtor. I want to find a nice social guild with a good mix of people who would like to group occasionally for flashpoints or quests. A levelling guild I suppose in other words but the only ones I’ve seen advertised are endgame levelling guilds. Sure I might want to try my hand at raiding in swtor one day, I enjoy raiding in warcraft a great deal, but not yet. I’m not max level yet, I’m enjoying the journey and in no hurry to rush to endgame. I guess you could say that if I can’t find what I want I should start it myself. I ran a guild in warcraft for a while and don’t exactly want to do so again. It’s hard work and swtor is my relax game at the moment. I’m sure that there must be a guild out there but for all swtor’s guild support there’s not really a good way to find them.

I’m an achievement nut and completionist. Part of me doesn’t want achievements in swtor because I spend enough time messing around on warcraft for that as it is. However, they already exist so it’s not a question of creating them they’re there. Well, not in a completely developed form like in warcraft and that’s what I think they should do. Right now you can’t see what you’re missing, just that you have so many out of a total. Sure there are sites that might give you that info, and because those sites exist, why not make that info accessible in game. It would also give people more to do, though really there’s plenty already, and so perhaps quieten one of the games more frequent complaints.

They don’t need to go all out on achievements like warcraft which has all the wacky ways of doing things achievements. Just list all of the titles etc. that you can get in game, there are some awesome titles too. My bounty hunter just got “Xantos, Republic’s Most Wanted”, how much fun is that?

Small Items
I think Quesh needs a commendation vendor at the fleet, every other planet has one and it’s annoying that it doesn’t. There’s also a bug or a feature that needs more explaining with quests. Right now I have half a dozen quests that I can’t abandon in my quest log, at least one of which it isn’t possible to complete. I reported this with a ticket but just got told to watch the patch notes, what that means is anyone’s guess. I’d also like to be able to view my ship and companions in the character tab whether I’m mounted or not. I think that keybinding options need to be reworked as there is at least one action bar that I can’t find how to keybind.

Mounts are also interesting I think as the mount speed is not as expected. In warcraft your first mount is 60%, then 100% and then 150% and so on. In swtor it’s 90%, 100% and 110% which isn’t all that exciting, I wish there was bigger differences in the speed. There’s also been an announcement about changes in the cost of mounts and training but, and correct me if I’m wrong, it’s just the cost that is changing. I rather like in warcraft that the training level dictates how fast the mount speed is not the mount itself. Yes this might mean people don’t spend credits on mounts and just have the one but people will spend credits for style anyway. My first mount was the deluxe edition freebie and I didn’t like it much as it makes the character stand up. Therefore at level 40 the first thing I did was train the speeder skill and buy a sit down mount.

On the whole swtor is hard to criticise. That’s probably more down to the fact that I haven’t been playing that long and so haven’t had time to properly have a developed wishlist. That being said the game is a great deal of fun and I really would recommend it to anyone. You don’t need to be a Star Wars fan to enjoy it though there are some easter eggs for those that are.