The Price We Pay!Rumpelstiltskin – Is there any reason you’d consider telling Belle of your feelings for her?

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What good could come of ever admitting how I feel? We can never be together and acknowledging the truth will only lead to heartbreak. I suppose if Belle were to confess to feeling feelings, then I would of course not let her believe that she was alone in that. However, I can’t imagine that Belle would ever admit such a thing, or indeed feel any such feelings.

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Awww, these are all so perfect. Thank you a thousand. 🙂 I love that the engagement is with Eric, so it’s a given it’ll eventually fall through. *cheers* Poor Ariel, though. I hope she doesn’t suffer from the sidelines for long!

And they have a dented cup! And she was startled because of her realization that she was in love! *hugs the two of them* HOW PERFECT!

The third was sweet, too. It sounds like a reason these two would argue about.

These are all so good!

Yay! I’m so glad you liked it 🙂

Well everyone in that arrangement is suffering. Two couples, both in love but not with whom they have to marry. Lady Ariel would be a suitable match for Prince Eric but she’s from a noble family within his kingdom. Obviously Belle is a Queen which is a much more advantageous match.

Yup I could have had it be the same cup as on the show, but taking tea in delicate cups like that would be something Belle would do at the palace, and so therefore not with Rumple. I wanted it to be a moment between the both of them. Anyway, thank you so much for the new prompts! I will get on those as soon as I can 🙂

The Price We Pay

Synopsis: Sir Rumplestiltskin is a senior knight of Avonlea. The first time he meets Princess Belle, heir to the throne, he is tasked with her protection while she goes travelling. Years later her father dies, and Belle is forced to return home not only to take the mantle of Queen, but also accept a betrothal to ensure an alliance and heirs. Duty before love, is the price that they pay or so it would seem.

Note: This is was previously known as the Whispering!verse. It’s also a prompt verse, which is why I’m creating this masterpost for it. There are two ways to read this fic. Either in the order it was written, or in the order that the scenes fall in the verses timeline, or you know randomly heh.

Due to the fact I sometimes post multiple prompts in the same tumblr post, to avoid spamming the tag, if you would like to read the scenes in chronological order, it might be easier to read on AO3.

This is a prompt verse so feel free to prompt for anything, at any point in the timeline. I’ll update this post whenever I add to the verse. Enjoy! 🙂

On tumblr how it was written

Chronological order:
– First Meeting (Tumblr, AO3)
– The Dented Mug (Tumblr, AO3)
– Belle Saves the Day (Tumblr, AO3)
– A Question of Safety (Tumblr, AO3)
– Staring (Tumblr, AO3)
– Rumple meets Gaston (Tumblr, AO3)
– Don’t call me that (Tumblr, AO3)
– The Better Consort (Tumblr, AO3)
– Why are we whispering? (Tumblr, AO3)
– Wishing Well (Tumblr, AO3)

*hugs ficlets* They are all so adorable. I love Rumple’s first impression of Belle, and of course she needs a companion in an adventure. hah! I love that Lord Maurice gave in, though by this point he’s probably afraid that Belle will sneak out during the night. lol

Love what you did with Rumple and Gaston. Of course the two of them are worried now that the king is dead, but I do believe I sensed a difference between the source of their worries? Like Rumple is anxious over Belle’s future, while Gaston is thinking of the big picture? And then the third. awwww! I love Belle getting along with Snow in alternate worlds. And it looks like the two of them are fighting ‘unwelcome’ attraction to commoners. Tsk. Bad princesses! Also, loved seeing Rumple through belle’s eyes. Especially the bit about his hair. Always glad to see that Belle admires the floof. *grins* THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Yay I’m so glad you liked it! Yup you have nailed how Rumple and Gaston were feeling. Gaston likes Belle, they were probably childhood friends, but they have grown apart and while Gaston cares for her, he cares for his duty more because he doesn’t really know Belle anymore. She’s the odd girl he remembers who loved books and wanted to be the knight not the damsel.

Yup Snow has fallen for the peasant shepherd David. Even if King Leopold granted his daughter permission to marry a commoner (which has happened in this world, as Prince Thomas married Ella) but it’s doubly complicated because David’s twin brother was taken by King George as his heir to Tiragarde. So Snow as the Northaeron heir (at least at this point in the timeline) can’t really marry David because that would draw attention to the fact that James isn’t actually George’s son.

That would throw Tiragarde’s monarchy into disrepute and maybe even lead to civil war. Of course things change when Regina assassinates Leopold, and Snow takes the blame, but in the ‘staring’ ficlet, that hadn’t happened yet. I haven’t forgotten your other three prompts and I will do them asap 🙂 

Aww, I love it when these two are friends, and they sound so comfortable around each other! *hugs ficlets* Love it when Princess Belle teases him about being ‘her hero’… though I suspect there’s more truth in that than what either can admit. Heh.

I love it when they are friends as well. I haven’t got the timeline properly ironed out so I’m not sure how long they’ve been friends but I’m definitely thinking a few years. He was assigned to Belle’s protection when she went travelling (and they got in some adventures along the way) so yeah I think he’s saved her, and she’s also saved him. Then after her father died, things changed. She was now the heir to the throne and had to return home.

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*glares* WHY ARE YOU PUTTING ME THROUGH THIS? Not that I don’t love every word and second, but my poor heart can’t take much more of these two babies in denial. (Give me more, please!) I love it. Love it!

Haha I did say after I posted the first ficlet that the mutual pining would be legendary, and that’s why this fic screamed to be written. Rumple rose to be a senior knight because of his ability, unlike someone like Gaston who was born to that position. In the eyes of the kingdom he’ll forever be a lowly knight and therefore not a worthy consort for the queen and he knows it – they both do.

Duty before love has stopped them from admitting their feelings. I think Belle knows Rumple loves her, but Rumple doesn’t believe that Belle could love him. He’s convinced himself that Belle just thinks of him as a good friend, and her protector, and that she’s Belle and nice to everyone.

I’m so happy that you liked it so much. Seriously that makes my day 🙂 Anyway, if you want more, hit up my ask box with a prompt or six and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

In my defense, you did say six.

I did indeed haha 🙂 Seriously, if you could see the big grin on my face right now you’d know this is not a problem. It’s funny and helpful, though it might take me a couple of days to do all six. Thank you!